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[EU] The Gallywix Community Christmas Giveaway! Mounts, Mythic+, Uldir & More!

wow8 - [EU] The Gallywix Community Christmas Giveaway! Mounts, Mythic+, Uldir & More!

Hello wow!

We're the Gallywix Community, a huge community of no-lifes in Europe who arrange boost runs for all kinds of things that WoW has to offer! Over Christmas, we are arranging a giveaway of various things we do.

What is Gallywix?

Besides being the name of everyone's favourite Trade Prince, Gallywix is a Gold Boosting Community in Europe. We cannot emphasize enough that everything we do is strictly for in-game gold. Under no circumstances do we take real money for our boosts.

Our boosters are all from the very top-end of WoW in their respective areas. They boost for us because they enjoy playing the game, and because they enjoy making gold – which they definitely need to tackle some of the toughest content in WoW! Regardless of where the gold comes from, we ensure that all of our boosters get paid in GOLD only on the server that they want.


  • Rated Battlegrounds – 0-1800 Rating (Rewards a unique PvP Armor Set!)
  • The "Voidtalon of the Dark Star" Mount
  • 4 Rare Mounts of your choice! TLPD, Aeonaxx, Camel & more..
  • Heroic Uldir Run with World First Guild <Method>. They are all unsaved and will be trading you tons of 370+ Loot and Azerite.
  • 5x Mythic+10 Dungeons (Timed) with all your co-players having the same armor type as you, meaning they can trade you tons of loot!
  • Any Blizzard Store Mount of your choice!
  • Any Blizzard Store Pet of your choice!
  • A 110-120 Leveling in less than 4-5 hours!
  • A 1-month Mythic+ subscription. Each week, you will get a free Mythic+10 Dungeon, rewarding you a total of 4x Weekly Chests with 380+ Loot on each of those weeks, on top of the 370+ Loot you get from the dungeons themselves!

Wait, what's boosting all about?


Boosting is simple – it allows you to reach milestones, rewards and content in the game that is not accessible to many players due to time and life constraints. It allows you to get the rewards of playing for many hours a day, but with much less time and effort than it would take to do it on your own.

Read:  No, you don't NEED to be 38 on Mythic Release, and if you actually do NEED it, you will be 38 when it comes out anyway.

Even if these are boost runs, you will still be participating in the runs if you want to! In these runs you get to play alongside – not beneath – some of the best players in the world at what they do. You get to go toe-to-toe on the DPS meters with players from some of the best guilds, RBG Teams, and Mythic+ Teams in the world, including World First Guild <Method>, and the MDI Winners of 2018.

How do I enter?

To enter the giveaway, join our Gallywix Community Discord Server and go react to the messages in the #raids, #mythic-plus and #other channels.

Signing up for the RBG Rating happens here, on our for the giveaway.

One more thing..

There will be a bonus extra giveaway on the 21st and a Mythic G'huun with Pieces (World #5 Guild) announced on Christmas Day.

Our Twitter

You can visit our Twitter here.

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