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Faction Assaults with War Mode are completely epics

wow7 - Faction Assaults with War Mode are completely epics

Well, i'm a War Mode / World PvP fan since 2005, and wasn't expecting *this* epicness.

It's Tarren Mill all over again, with even stuff and rewards baked in.

But to have the most fun of it, you have to try Drustvar Alliance defense, when Horde assault it with Orcs and Undead troops, versus a a Drustvar capital protected by Lightforged Draeneis.

Next step should be RvR or open World PvP mechanics:

– Cities captures

– 1 or even 0,5 Conquest points when you kill people in a max group of 5 (with diminishing return to avoid abuses)

– Caravan escort (it's starting with assaults)

– Fortress to tag with a Guild flag, with the guild name/logo on it

– Special WM currency to buy stuff, but a as middle/long grind to keep incentive

– Cut ears or part of an enemy with it's name on it, to keep it like a trophy in bags, like Diablo 1/2


– Call to arms in a whole zone to defend towers in order to win a + honor/conquest % bonus for a week

– Defending old zones as events that reward Conquest and items (imagine defending Hearthglen in Western Plaguelands)

– War Mode special titles and war toys (War Horn etc)

– Special mobs like for example an Orc on Kodo using drums with a heavy "BOOM BOOM" (like mobs in Stormsong Kraal) sound to boost players damages and must be focused fast

This screenshot is saying it all:

Alliance defending Arom's Stand for hours

I was expecting 10 minuts of poor skirmishes, i had Lord of the ring sized battles for 5 hours.

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