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Final Resting Place of Your Main

wow2 - Final Resting Place of Your Main

Let us suppose that the servers shut down at a pre-announced date, without any big shutdown event.

Where will your main wait for the end times?

Will it rest in a city of importance in your WoW history? In your favorite zone?? Will it hunt Players or NPCs until the last second of the server? Will it be farming, or grinding Rep with your preferred faction until the last second before being gone forever?? Will you collect your alts to a final gathering, or will they be scattered across Azeroth?

I'll start. In my WoW history, one specific moment stands out to me as the most significant moment for me as a player. It was early Burning Crusade. Myself and a player I befriended along my adventures stood there, in our plate and mail armor (My Blood Elf Paladin and His Orc Shaman), before the Dark Portal. Wondering what adventures lied ahead through that portal. We sat there, mystified at the beauty of the Dark Portal. It may not sound like much, but the feelings I felt back then, seconds before we entered the Dark Portal, are the same ones I feel to this very day when I think about that specific moment. The feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of excitement, the feelings of having a good friend there to share the memories with.

This is why I would log my first character ever created in my WoW career…my Blood Elf Paladin named Psyko, and stand right in front of the steps leading into the Dark Portal until the end times.

In the scenario above, that will be my final resting place with all memories collected.

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