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Finally Had That Crazy WoW Moment

wow5 - Finally Had That Crazy WoW Moment

Tonight was probably the best time I've ever had playing this game. It's when something happens spontaneously, almost like a flash mob, that really makes these memories. It started with someone peddling an overpriced pet in trade chat in Argent Dawn. The same guy who usually does this. Today like many other days the same other guy called him out. Unlike other days, and to my and my friend's (the one who called him out) surprise, most of the server had been listening to their back and forth the last week or so.

Other's joined in and pitched their opinions into the mix. Many jokes were made, and the peddler started to get annoyed. Soon half of the active server was standing around outside the Stormwind Auction house while the two went at it. Shenanigans were had. Many tables of meat were spawned, and everyone was riding a vendor yak for some reason. But it all came to a head when I and some others suggested they just duel to see who was right. Just like in the old'n days.

My friend called everyone to Stormwind Gate in order to get the fight started. Soon after people in trade chat were calling out that they were om their way to see the carnage unfold. In no time my friend stood in the gate to Stormwind with a circle of other players on dragon mounts surrounding him. Many of the players were chanting DUEL DUEL DUEL. Others were hashing out the rules for the fight that the peddler had not agreed to. Now the peddler didn't agree to a fight where the winner took the prize pool. He demanded to be payed 50k up front for his entertainment services. Fair enough, he was 40 – 50 item levels lower than my friend who was playing the warlock he'd been playing since Burning Crusade (ILevel 465).

Well we had a good 25 – 30 people gathered at Stormwind Gate now (we're a low pop server so that's a lot) and they had a thirst for blood. In no time we crowdfunded the money. Trusting someone we'd just met with our gold, and trusting the peddler to uphold his end of the bargain. He did. The fight took place outside the gates. The rules were simple, no stepping off the road, last one alive wins. In roughly two good shots the warlock had felled the peddler and the crowd cheered. But it wasn't the fight they were looking for. Soon the crowd were calling for duels. The warlock accepted all challengers and defeated everyone he fought. The desire to fight was too much for most of the crowd who devolved from an organized mob lining the streets to full on chaos as 10 or so duels errupted all over the street outside Stormwind.

As everyone's duels ended and the peddler went back to peddling the Warlock called out.


"Hey! Why don't we kill the Horde leaders?" As the word was passed around more and more people agreed. Everyone went full RP server for the first time that I've ever seen and in no time we had a 25 person raiding party, miraculously with 2 tanks and 2 healers so our comp wasn't even bad. We headed for Orgrimar /roaring and shouting FOR THE ALLIANCE!! all the way.

First we took an outpost outside of Orgrimmar. Then the Warlock dropped a link in Raid Chat for a discord server he just threw together. 8 people join almost immediately. We raided Orgrimmar, killed the few Players inside, and made sure to kill the flight points. We then decided to take the throne room just to see what it was like since most of us had only seen it in Horrific Visions. Then we flew to Thunder Bluff where we summoned the rest of our raiding party, and a few new arrivals from some guilds to replace those we'd lost. Baine Bloodhoof fell surprisingly easy. Our two Demon Hunter Tanks did a fantastic job.

We then had the only mage in the group portal us to Ironforge where we then flew to Silvermoon. Lor'themar Theron was next on the list and other than the difficulty of not being able to use flying, there was no resistance. With nothing else to do we turned our sights on a real challenge. Zuldazar.

Making it to Zuldazar was no problem. However navigating the city and dealing with the mass of enemy players was the real struggle. We headed for the top of the Mayan style temple in the city. The highest point we could reach. the Warlock (our raid leader) opened a summoning portal in order to let the rest of the party through. We had planned to make that our base of operations for killing the raid level NPC in charge of Zuldazar (whoever that may be) but unfortunately a single Tauren Paladin took out a quarter of our raiding force. We fought the Horde Players as hard as we could, but they had the advantage. Soon we were forced to retreat and our tear across Argent Dawn was at an end. The players without BFA flying were evac'd by those with two seater mounts, and we all agreed to do this again sometime with twice the force. One day we WILL take Zuldazar.

Thanks for being awesome everyone! Here's a little screenshot of the fight outside the gates just as it was about to start. There are plenty of people behind me too 😀 –

TL;DR: Trade chat scuffle turns into fight club turns into the destruction of the horde; flash mob style.

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