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Finding it harder and harder to pay a premium price for non-premium service

wow5 - Finding it harder and harder to pay a premium price for non-premium service


When I started playing this game, it was because I was a huge fan of the warcraft lore and wanted to explore the vast realization of azeroth. Since then I've been playing every expansion and quitting a few months into it after exhausting the new stuff. This expansion I wanted to try PvP with a friend of mine, being a pretty consistent player of DotA and LoL since their inception. However, it has become apparent to me that this was not a worthwhile investment.

It is absolutely baffling to me that many free-to-play games, LoL and DotA off the top of my head, (valorant, even god damn smite) have frequent balance patches, bug fixes etc. while in a game like WoW where you pay to buy the game and then a subscription cost just to play it; you have longstanding bugs like the MC bug, warlock command pet bug, DK cooldown bug or absolutely skewed spec representations both in pvp or pve where you are basically guaranteed to see 2 of the same 3 classes in each arena match you play (sure some specs will always be more popular than the others, but not to this degree. probably have seen 2 mw monks in >1000 matches for example). All the while having an in game cash shop and overpriced service options where you need to pay nearly an AAA game's cost just to transfer your character between realms.


It seems to me that "career" wow players who have been playing the game for a long long time have long internalized costs of the game, and I won't disagree that it has an insane amount of raw content in terms of collectibles and content from past expansions, I don't think it's entitled of me to expect some communication from the developers and some polish into my game.

I'm mostly upset because it feels like the game has so much potential (evident by its popularity and past success) and yet Blizzard are just banking on the goodwill of the players who will stay subscribed no matter what instead of putting in the little amount of effort necessary. The reason I've typed out this was mostly out of frustration where I get a glimpse of what the game can be just to drown under senseless game mechanics and time gates again. And I also wanted to know how is the situation from a PvEr perspective, do you think you're getting good service? Are you happy with the state of the game? Do you share similar frustrations? Because as a PvPer I know I'm not and will likely not renew my subscription.

Thanks for reading.

(and don't get me started on looking at the game from an rpg/story perspective, the writing has become so lame and bland (looking at you covenant campaigns) you can do much better than wow just with a month's subscription cost. and this is coming from a big warcraft universe fan who owns most of the books)

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