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For the first time I rolled tank. No wonder people avoid tanking.

wow6 - For the first time I rolled tank. No wonder people avoid tanking.

Recently dinged 120 on a paladin I've been maining prot on, got up to 434 ilevel by running ret and setting loot spec to prot. Felt like it would be a great idea to start my tanking off with some heroics to familiarize myself with tanking and the gist of dungeons but 90% of the time the dungeons are so easy and mindnumbing that I wasn't really gaining any experience when bosses are melted, high ilevel DPS are trashing the entire instance, and there's literally zero need for utilizing any of my cooldowns. I could tank in ret if I wanted to.

So naturally, I felt like it was time to go for mythics. The difficulty jump is enough to make me need to utilize my abilities, so this is a fantastic way to learn first hand how tanking works. I'm not a big time key pusher but I've done enough +10s-15s to know these dungeons like the back of my hand. I am not inexperienced with the dungeons, just with being the tank. I feel like I'm playing an entirely new game because tanking is not something I've ever done before. It's almost like everything I've learned from the cozy pillow my mage sits on in the back of the group is serving me very little purpose.


This SUCKS. I've done my weekly, but I felt like the entire time I did it, people were beyond pissed off that the new guy was making minor mistakes. I did not know that the first boss in FH has to be tanked in the middle or else he will despawn. I just sit in the back pewpewing shit until it's dead. But after making that mistake once, the entire group left and I had to start over. Being inexperienced at this spec while being required to lead the entire group – and when I say lead, I mean 80% of these groups don't even pay any attention, they just follow the tank and dps whatever he aggros. If you make a small mistake, if you die, or if you take a wrong turn, people lose their shit and judge you like you just spat in their mothers face. The pressure is unreal.

When I roll a new DPS class and am learning how to be efficient at that spec, it usually doesn't get mentioned. In a mythic0, doing 20k DPS while everyone else is doing 35k-45k isnt going to get any negative attention. But as a tank if you pull an extra pack of mobs you end up spending that entire fight waiting for someone to comment some dumb shit insulting you.

Maybe I need to get a spine. But I feel like, as a tank, especially this late into the expansion, you're expected to have mastered the class or else you'll face unnecessarily harsh backlash. It makes geting to that point a shitshow. I prefer DPS, big time simply because of the fact that I don't have people watching my every move while aimlessly following my every step.

TL;DR – learning how to tank blows chunks because people expect you to know exactly what youre doing already.

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