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[Future Spoilers Maybe] Crackpot Theory Time: The Runecarver is just as bad if not worse than the Jailor, and we’re playing into the bad guys’ hands…again.

wow2 - [Future Spoilers Maybe] Crackpot Theory Time: The Runecarver is just as bad if not worse than the Jailor, and we're playing into the bad guys' hands...again.

I have a crackpot theory I'd like to share, that sounds just enough like Blizzard's writing to possibly be true.

I think The Runecarver is the actual Big Bad of the expansion. I mean, the guy created (presumably) both Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination, two of the most evil artifacts to ever exist. Plus, no one just goes to the Maw. You have to be purposefully sent there by the Arbiter, and it's hinted that the Runecarver predates the Arbiter going dormant (which is to say, he's there for a reason).

Also, the Jailor is supposed to be preventing "the forgotten one" from returning, and the achievement for freeing one of the Runecarver's arms is literally called The Forgotten One. Long story short, I believe the Jailor was meant to keep The Runecarver locked up for eternity, hence why he built a huge fuckin' prison on top of him.

So if that's true, then why can we find him so easily? The tower is supposed to be everchanging, right? So why is it we have access to his oubliette via a handy dandy portal next to the front door? Furthermore, why did the Helm of Domination open a portal to the Shadowlands?

The politics between the Runecarver, the Nathrezim, and the Jailor seem…complicated. For instance, the Nathrezim had the Runecarver create the Helm of Domination and the runeblade, Frostmourne (must have taken a shit ton of Enchanted Elethium Bars tbh), but we can safely assume that in exchange for allowing the Nathrezim access to the Runecarver, the Jailor would want something in return (to get out of the Maw). And for the Runecarver to ever agree to help the Jailor, he would also want something in return (also freedom).


So basically, the Nathrezim had the Jailor instruct the Runecarver to create the Helm and the runeblade, and the Jailor and the Runecarver had their own little side hustle going: he built a switch into the Helm of Domination that would open up the Shadowlands to the realms of life. It was literally his "break in case of emergency." That's why Sylvanas knows about it, because the Jailor was in on it.

OR (and this is probably more likely), the Runecarver built the switch into the Helm without telling the Jailor, and the Jailor has been extracting memories from him in order to figure out what the hell the secret switch was.

Anyway: we (the players) are doing the classic trope of accidentally freeing / empowering the bad guys. Yes, again. Right after we did the same fuckin' thing with N'zoth. Why else would the Jailor allow us to access the Runecarver's oubliette? He wants us to return all those memories to him, free him, and all so the Runecarver can fulfill his end of the bargain: break the Maw and allow the Jailor to escape.

How are we gonna stop him?

You ready for this shit?

Arthas. Wearing a reforged Helm of Domination, and wielding the runeblade of the Maldraxxus primearch. That may sound insane (or too good to be true, depending on how you look at it) but there's no reason the devs would foreshadow the helm's reforging (half of it is just floating there as if to say, "hi, I'm Mr. Chekhov's Helm of Domination") or a "new" Frostmourne being freed and created. It's just too perfect.

In the end, Arthas fixes the Maw, and repents for his sins by becoming the new Jailor of the damned. The Maw becomes Icecrown 2.0. We all get cookies and sexual favors. Tada!

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