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Gear Scaling Needs To End…

wow7 - Gear Scaling Needs To End...

Nothing new I realize, but this topic needs to be brought up again and again until this dies.

Did a casual arena match with a friend and pug healer to cap some toons. I'm a 380 sv hunter and he is a 355 ret. He has glad xp and I have 2400 xp. Not a flex, just saying we have some experience. Hard to frame this without some context.

We were doing some pretty basic games at 1900 and faced a lock with 72k health. Seems like it should be an easy enough kill. Right? Somehow this lock with 72k health managed to pump out nearly as much damage as me. How? How is this possible? I'm struggling to wrap my brain around this. That coupled with their defensives, the lock should just melt in seconds. But he didn't. Seemed like he was taking less damage if anything.

Ret dies. Thats it. Go to look up the lock. 254 ilvl. How? Some specs/classes seems to be massively gear dependent and others aren't.


Let me be clear, I'm not saying this is op or we got crushed because of it. The issue is the disparity between specs. That some are able to perform despite not having gear, while others can't even come close to that. It trivializes the nature of this game. Not that gear should be giving you any massive advantage, but there should be some advantage to show for the effort you put in.

In the end, that was the damage. There is just so much wrong with this expansion. Everything is just upside down. Healers doing as much damage as dps. Casters that are more tanky then the melee on their team. It's just seems to be never ending.

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