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Gearing in 8.2

wow8 - Gearing in 8.2

I see 3-5 posts a day asking how to gear in this patch from people either returning to the game, just hitting 120, or just plain too damn lazy to do any looking on the plethora of websites available.

At 120, there's a quest to go to Nazjatar (
the wolfs offensive - Gearing in 8.2

The Wolf's Offensive /
the warchiefs order - Gearing in 8.2The Warchief's Order), take it, go to Nazj, follow the q line, you'll get a free 370ilvl weapon early on, then open your new zone.

This is followed by a quest to go to Magni in Silithus, do a quick q line in Highmountain to get a dragon scale, and boost your neck to level 35, and give you your first Essence.

You go back to Nazj, and do some more quests to unlock followers, and Prismatic Manapearls, you are given your first benthic item and 20 pearls. This Q is a new line, and you can use the 20 pearls to buy 4 more benthic items OR upgrade the item you're given. It won't stop you progressing if you buy 4 items.

Benthic items are Head / Shoulder / Chest / Feet / Gloves / Belt / Legs / Bracer / Cloak with bonus's themed around Nazjatar and Eternal Palace, start at ilvl 385 and can be upgraded to 425 with pearls. They CAN get a socket and for EP are BiS items in some cases.

Follow the q line to unlock Nazj world quests and bodyguards, the bg's will help you in Nazj so worth taking with you, and will work towards another essence. With world quests comes a weekly world boss which drops 415 items, inc weapons.

There will be a new quest to go to Mechagon also, which is needed to unlock flying, and working through there gives you an ilvl 400 trinket, which at revered gives a very cool punchcard that has Cyclotronic blast. It can also be used to get 395/410/420
ring or trinket item but this is a bit of a grind, and the items needed are better used on other things.


So before going to Mecha, you can have 385 everything bar weapon (370), rings and trinkets. There are ilvl 400 trinkets available through inscription, relatively cheap on the AH most realms (5-10K). The caster trinket,
highborne compendium of storms - Gearing in 8.2

Highbourne Compendium of Storms is very powerful and worth the gold though, possibly bis until a 440+ replaces it. Rings are best done through world quests, dungeon drops, or conquest cap, which is also how to get trinkets if you don't want / have the gold.

A side note, if timewalking is up, check the vendor for gear via timewalking badges. Right now, with the 15th anniversary, the AV q line give a 400 weapon also.


Essences – Quick essence guide

Nazjatar – Quick guide on Nazj

mechagon zone guide and junkyard tinkering - Gearing in 8.2

Mechagon- Quick guide on Mecha

www.wowhead - Gearing in 8.2


Nazjatar – WH version

mechagon junkyard tinkering - Gearing in 8.2

Mechagon – WH version

Please let me know if I've missed anything or something is wrong, and I shall update, and mod for the love of god sticky this or something like it somewhere so we can remove these questions.

edit 1- Thank you for the gold 😀 first ever

edit 2 – Spelling of Nazjatar

edit 3 – Mecha ring/trinket

edit 4 – Nazj world bosses / compendium

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