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GM response to the Vanquisher title situation: “We cannot give the title back at this time” — This is a disturbing precedent.

wow4 - GM response to the Vanquisher title situation: "We cannot give the title back at this time" -- This is a disturbing precedent.

That's right. Those of us who earned the Vanquisher title from placing in the top 1000 on the Arena tournament realms have officially been fu*ked. "We cannot give the title back at this time…any character that had the title but not the achievement upon logging into the game after 8.1 would have lost it."

Blizzard deleted the Feat of Strength from the game. At least the FoS for the 2009-2012 tournaments. I've been told that the 2013 participants may still have it, but I haven't been able to verify that. So of course all our characters no longer have the achievement. Duh? Apparently though once the FoS is gone they have no way of restoring it for individual characters.

Isn't this a huge problem? Fortunately for Blizzard, the Vanquisher community is quite small as there were at most only a few thousand people with the title even back in 2013. That number is surely smalled today. Everyone, not just Vanquishers, should be outraged at this though. It sets an extremely disturbing precedent. Seriously, any mount collector or achievement hunter should be terrified. What's to stop Blizzard in 8.2 from just removing the Immortal, the Undying, Hand of A'dal, Grand Crusader, etc from the game? Or taking away your Swift Zulian Tiger without warning?

My Vanquisher title was the most prized thing I had of all my mounts, titles, and achievements. I was never an amazing PvPer, but I worked my ass off that spring to place in the top 1000. I'm proud of that because I did it as a Ret paladin during a time where DKs were completely dominant. And whatever melee slots were left over generally went to Warriors or Rogues. I managed to make it though running with 2 other rejects: a Resto shaman no one wanted and a Hunter that barely spoke English. We truly were rejects, lol, but we worked hard and placed in the top 1000. I've kept my paladin active each expansion solely because of my title. I even renamed him to be Vanquisher Spanquisher. That's gone now though along with whatever remaining support and loyalty I had left to give Blizzard. They will not be getting another cent from until this is fixed.

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You may not care that this is happened to me and that's fine, it's your prerogative. But just randomly and under-the-table deleting titles that people earned 9 years ago is terrible for the game. Blizzard loses all credibility when it comes to believing that anything you earn will be there in the future. And anyone who does care about their in-game achievements and awards should be very nervous.


Tip, my flair choice: Don't spend your time earning any vanity items as you might just log in to find them deleted.

**~**side note unrelated~

I tried posting about this the other day, but I was met with hostility. Hell, the people that sympathized were downvoted to hell. All because I posted about an issue that Blizzard was at-fault for without having confirmation from a GM? Well, the GM confirmation has happened. So now you have to choose between supporting WORLD OF WARCRAFT or specific individuals behaving in a way that is detrimental to the health of the game. I choose WoW, but I fear a lot of the individuals on here are just lemming nuthuggers that will blindly accept this dev team's mistakes instead of fighting for the good of the game. Hell, even the previous leadership at Blizzard would recognize when mistakes were made! Metzen & co. would bust their ass trying to fix the problems to make the most enjoyable gaming experience possible! Look where we're at now… look at how awful this expansion has been. Sold on Zandalari trolls and Kul'Tirans that don't actually exist. Horrible gameplay/combat experiences for some classes. More shop mount releases than times Blizzard has tried to fix broken system – hello azerite. I'll stop… the lemmings are boiling over with rage right now – how could someone who is a huge supporter of Blizzard shame them publicly!? Get on the batphone!

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I've been a loyal supporter of Blizzard since closed beta. They have thousands of my dollars. I am the dream customer for a business. And I'm at the point where I've had enough. I still supported Blizzard through this shit-show of an expansion. This patch was a colossal failure; there were more undocumented screw-ups than actual noted changes to the game! I would have still continued supporting Blizzard… but deleting a title I earned 9 years ago and telling me that it can't be restored? That's the final slap in the face for this guy.

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