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wow2 - Goodbye Vanquishers

In BC/WoTLK days Blizzard ran arguably one of my fondest moments of the game, The Arena Tournament. This was a PAID opt in arena tournament anyone could join. Some people might remember this event, we had out own special realm tab for the tournament as well as equal access to gear. This tournament was a pure test of item/talent/skill optimization.

I've been playing this game since day one but this tournament got me and my high school friends at the time jazzed up to play like pros. We were kinda casual so we never really raided ( School studies ) and got the dope Naxx gear that was out at the time we participated. We came out with the cheapest and stupidest team, 1 Holy Pally 2 Survival Hunters (Praise Explosive shot). We climbed everyday after school to the tops of the ladders. Our goal? That Murkimus the Gladiator pet. We always wanted the OG Murky pet and this little guy was just that but decked out with a "300" style spear and a little shield. Only needed to play 200 game for it, ez.

But as time progressed we actually ended up running our cheesy team to the top 1000 teams, even finishing in the top 500. It wasn't with gear we earned, but with game cheese and I suppose some skill. Me and my 2 friends were proud and stoked.

This was an achievement to a young me, rewarded with what every wow player wants: Sweet sweet brag pixels.

My account was granted the flex title for all characters over a certain level the title of "Vanquisher". Not "Twilight Vanquisher" which was also impressive at the time, just "Vanquisher". A sleeper title that unlike the Twilight variant would appreciate in time.

Fast forward to 2017/2018, I resubbed after 2 year hiatus. To come back to my warrior "Vanquisher Phurio". I didn't pay much attention to the raid scene and mostly just chilled in pvp land, but played the game that I remembered with fondness. And for the most part I enjoyed my casual play style. All the issues with the game flew by and I always forgave. What can I say? This game despite its state had never done me dirty.

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I log in to 8.1 and immediately thought to myself that I wanted to hit up that Hivemind mount (Bless Secret Discord). Check out the new warfront maybe it'd be cool. Till I noticed that my warriors name was off. I was just "Phurio". I don't really swap my title unless its a seasonal title. I check my title listings and I can't see it anymore. My "Vanquisher" title was gone. Why?

I check forums… nothing. Patch notes? nothing. I make a ticket, surely if a GM can restore some old event gear etc, my title must still be in the game files. Hell I have the achievement for Murkimus still! they can fix this, ez.


3 Days go by and I'm told by a GM that I never participated in the 2013 Arena Tournament. While that's true I didn't participate in the 2013 tournament. I participated in the 2009 Tournament ( Armory Phurio – Sargeras , My Murkimus achievement is dated for 09). The GM stated that the Arena Tournament system started in 2013. Which I knew was beyond false… I Graduated highschool in 2010, barely played the game in 2012/2013 due to college.

The next GM insured that I was wrong, as my account did not have the achievement given to "Vanquisher"s in 2013. True I earned my title in 09. And while achievements were in the game. I never got one for the title, but had the title. In 09 i never payed any mind to this, I had the title, that was enough at the time. (According to many other title holders, they were never granted an achievement either)

The Third GM suggested I make a Bug forum post. (This was a few days later) Behold there was a forum post started by another Vanquisher. . A slew of people who lost something that was at minimum a Legacy reward.

Its been over a week with no response from in-game GMs who have told us its not in their power or they generally lack the knowledge of the issue (One telling me that there was not an Arena Tournament before 2013). I fear we wont get one.

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I'm posting my story so that maybe those of us ripped off by some fluke "Bug" in patch 8.1 might get some help. I guess having something we not only earned but held a lot of pride in taken from us for no reason is the worst feeling a lot of us loyal long time players have been through. With no explanation imagine having Black/Plagued Protodrake holders losing that mount due to 8.2 having some janky code and having GM's who don't even know the history of those mounts. Perhaps someone reads this and knows a GM or knows some solution if there is one. I'm not quitting but the camels back is getting heavy for this loyal player. Blizzard was never a company in the business of cheating it's players like this. Not like this.

Pulled from my WoWScrnShot Files. Unedited.

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