World of Warcraft

Hacked Account & Generic Copy paste HELP!!

wow4 - Hacked Account & Generic Copy paste HELP!!

Hey guys

So last wednesday i copped a pretty severe hack on my pc, Firstly i only thought it was my wow account i was farming bad lands elementals and i get d/c Fair enough it happens now and again, so i try to lot back into wow and it tells me my password is wrong…. Fine ill check my email only to find this

So i'm Like Oh Sh%t and i put in a ticket and on discord i'm telling everyone report my account its been hacked over the next few hours the hacker has been on my account selling off everything he can for pittance in trade. My guild members were just spamming him abusing this (Unknown Gender) they then proceeded to seemingly mail off everything and systematically one by one delete every character i had on all 4 accounts i have active ATM.

All the while this is happening / worrying about wow I didn't realize my bank accounts were being hammered as well buying god knows from a company called Eshop nike in RUB currency below 4 of 11 purchases.

Took me a few days to get my emails back and banking secured.
Eventually blizzard reset my account and apparently restored my characters and items but my account is locked.
Now to the Main reason for my post. Iv had the account 11 years and when i registered it i used a nickname as at the time i only used real information for banking or government correspondence.

I have all the information /answers to my security questions additionally i have bank records going back over 10 years with my name that matches the card used every time when i buy stuff with my card for blizzard i always use my real name as its authorizing a transaction.


Also over the years i have gifted my friends and family digital gifts through the blizzard store i can tell them who received the gift and the emails they were gifted to additionally i have a banned account and can provide Exact precise reasoning as to how i (justly) Earned that ban in MoP.

Iv followed the game masters instructions re-secured the email linked to my battlenet 2 step authentication now added an authenticator to my account.

Several times i have emailed through the my id explaining and sending PDF bank statements etc as proof of transactions etc, but every time i get a response from a gm its like they haven't seen the bank statements or the other documents are they not stored on file? the last few tickets iv specifically asked / implored them to please read the tickets above their newest addition and not just copy paste response.

I got a response a few hours ago and ill paste it here (while the game master seemed a chipper fellow) responding with .

Hey there
Game Master Vyhexus here, believer of valor, victory and vitality! Well met ٩(◕‿◕)۶
Thanks for getting back to us on this! As the name on the ID submitted doesn't match the name on the account, I'm afraid we're unable to proceed with the account recovery here.
Have a fantastic time with friends and family, full of fun, laughter and fond memories ^_^

Not knowing what else to do iv turned here to hopefully get a game master / support members ear for 2 seconds i could explain and hopefully get more than the "BIG FAIL" rubber stamp and generic response. Can pm the ticket number if any gm/staff se this and feel like looking into it.

Sorry to go on i just wanted to give some context and am willing to share a lot more evidence of this hack etc

I know it may result in nothing but hearing "Not good enough" again today was hard to take from a company iv spent thousands with and played with for so many years and i await peoples responses / flames / sighs.

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