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Harder to Get BFA Mounts in Next Expansions

wow8 - Harder to Get BFA Mounts in Next Expansions

Most of the guides around -especially Wowhead- focus on the mounts -or achievements- that are going away with the end of BFA. I'd like to help people with a similar information, because almost none of the guides tell people about the mounts that will actually be really hard to get in next expansions.

I thought about this from another topic in this subreddit. I can't find it now, but I sent a comment briefly explaining them, now I'll go into detail. I do hope people will actually find this useful.

Briefly, my experience on this situation starts with Huolon. I have around 500 mounts, so I think I can consider myself as a mount farmer, even though I don't hard farm, for example, Pandaria world bosses. Instead I just wait for them to spawn on BMAH and hope to get a nice deal on them. Only one I have now is the Nalak mount which I got for 1m gold, which is a perfect deal for me as I had around 2m and having Nalak meant I'd never go to Isle of Thunder again because I already got all the mounts from Throne of Thunder. Huolon, which I farmed considerably a lot during MoP, is a pain in my ass for me, especially now. The only reason is it dies instantly when it spawns. As there's no protection around it, like Sha, you have to be on a group and be vigilant, which I can't do.

So long story short, these mounts, in my opinion, will be really hard to get in Shadowlands and later on. Again, I do hope you'll find this useful.

Rare Spawn Mounts

Unfortunately, there are lots of them in BFA. First we started with 4 zone mounts;

captured dune scavenger - Harder to Get BFA Mounts in Next Expansions

Captured Dune Scavenger

Terrified Pack Mule

Tamed Bloodfeaster

Goldenmane's Reins

These will be extremely hard to get in the later expansions, hence probably they'll be very expensive as well. If you have enough gold I'd strongly suggest you buy these. If you don't have enough gold but still want them, and feel lucky, farm them. Because it'll be almost impossible to find a group farming these. As of even now, they are really hard to get by farming. As I've seen around the AH across multiple servers they are quite cheap, so go buy them.

Also there are the other ones that were introduced with 8.2. Most of us familiar with these…

Junkheap Drifter (Rustfeather)

Rusty Mechanocrawler (Arachnoid Harvester)

Silent Glider (Soundless)

I consider myself lucky as I got Rustfeather one in like 10 tries, but the other two are nowhere to be found for me. The good thing is you can still find groups on custom groups for these guys, but I'm sure in the next expansions you won't be able to find any groups because they'll be getting one shotted as soon as they spawn. Harvester and Rustfeather have around 1 hour spawn time, while Soundless has more than that (I think it's around 3-4 hours). If you can get these before the end of BFA, it'll be perfect for you. Only good side is you can find groups for them if you are lucky.

The same thing goes for every rare spawn mounts which were introduced with 8.3 (the ones in Vale and Uldum). For completely the same reason I strongly suggest you to farm these before expansion finishes.


PvP Related Mounts

Not the Gladiator or Season mounts, they are too obvious. And they are going away (not the season mounts, I think you'll be able to get them with saddles by farming A LOT). But the ones in the open world will be very hard to get and noone ever mentions them.

Conquerer's Scythemaw

This guy will be almost impossible to get as you have to get 1k honor in all of BFA maps. It's hard even now, and in the next expansion you won't find people around the maps, WM on just doing daily stuff. At least there are now Call to Arms quests. So don't forget to farm this one.

Inkscale Deepseeker

Completely of the same reason, finish this guy off before the end of expansion. I'm still slacking on this guy, because I miss Battle of Nazjatar constantly, but if you want this, now is the time.

Dungeon Mounts

Especially Freehold, Underrot and King's Rest mounts. You can farm them on Mythic on characters easily in the next expansion, I know but it'll be only once in a week. But now you can farm them on a strong tank character on M+ multiple times a day. I myself have a Prot Warr just for this reason I geared him up and a +2 in Freehold takes like 10-15 mins to complete. I used to do like 10 runs a day before I burned myself out. The idea is do them while you can do them infinite times in a day. After this expansion there won't be MANY people doing +2 Freeholds or Underrots.

(I haven't mentioned about Mechagon dungeons mounts as I haven't seen any proof that you can get the mount from 4th boss in the dungeons is obtained in a M+.)

Island Expedition Mounts

Well, at least they are way easier to get now. Noone has any idea how they can be obtained in the later expansions. Probably Islands will be like MoP scenarios, but it's still nice to get them now, as you can easily find a high geared group for mythic islands, if you have a high geared tank, one run takes like 5 mins. Having a high geared tank does a lot, so get one!

7th Legion / Honorbound Service Medal Mounts

Just like Island Expedition mounts, we have no idea how to farm these Medals. Because the quickest way to get them is to do Warfronts now, that's how got all of them at least (also 7th Legion paragon boxes give like 20 medals). Please get them now, if you really want them.

Horrific Vision related mounts

There 2 I can think right now.

Mail Muncher

Wicked Swarmer

One you click the mailboxes inside the instance, the other you get with the related currency, which is quite hard to get in my opinion (at least it requires many many visions). You should give these a go before Shadowlands as well, if you don't want to come back to here after we are done with this place.

I know it's not like a guide, but more like an idea and a reminder. I myself always be regretful for not farming Huolon enough, or Talon's Vengeance faction in Legion. They are now really hard to get for me, I don't even know what I'm going to do with them.

Hope this helps to some of you.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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