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Heads up in regards to Overwolf/Curseforge app in Oct!

wow5 - Heads up in regards to Overwolf/Curseforge app in Oct!

Currently, Overwolf plans to launch the new Curseforge client that requires the use of their app to use on Oct 26th, which is SL release date depending on what timezone they're based out of. Day of, or day after and the early weeks of an expansion release will be some of the biggest uses from the app. The fact that they're deliberately doing this on that specific date at least to me feels sketchy.

I don't know about anyone else but I wasn't really aware when it was being launched though I heard 'Q4' I never heard anything else after but now it seems like it has a 'release date' they want to try to keep to and wanted to get the date out there for those like me that were not aware.

As their newsletter I linked mentions, they plan to do closed-alpha starting Oct 7th to open beta on Oct 20th. I feel like 6 days of 'open beta' for something like this to be very short especially of the community wants, or needs quite a few changes in order to use it.. and I have a feeling there will be very few people opting into the beta to use it, but get surprised on October 26th by a possible forced download of Overwolf to use the Curseforge app.

Thankfully, the community has been making various apps of their own to update WoW addons.
Github of a multitude of them so far.

and Singularity which was shown yesterday.

I think it's a good time to look into alternatives and try out the ones that catch your interest and get things in working order before SL release or just go the way of Manual updates though with how often addons are updating on launch week I imagine that to be quite tedious.

There's plenty of good threads to read that show a lot of what Overwolf has done so far like this one: When PoE overlay and PoE planner partnered up with Overwolf

The AMA from when they bought Curseforge about 3 months ago for WoW

AMA on PoE subreddit

And a recent comment that stood out to me

Here for example:


The Overwolf in-game overlay that is bundled with the TeamSpeak installer collects user information, including usage statistics, that is then uploaded to the parent company’s servers for targeted ads.
However, in addition to creating an overlay in TeamSpeak, Overwolf also collects information that is then used for targeted ads, including data regarding the games that users play on their devices.

Their privacy policy states:

“When you download our client and/or register, we collect Personal Data provided by you, such as your username, email address and profile picture. If you register through a third party log-in/ account registration service (such as Facebook, Gmail, etc.), we collect your basic profile information from such third-party log-in/account registration service and your profile picture.
We also collect Personal Data when you use the Services, such as games you played, language preference, referring site, pages viewed and the order of those pages etc, or contact us with questions or complaints. When you visit our Site and/or use the Services, we automatically collect your IP address, operating system, connected device, hardware details and other information about your use of the Site and/or Services. We can receive aggregated data containing impressions, revenue, video stats, as well as confirmation of user completions.”
We share the Personal Data we collect with our service providers and subcontractors who assist us in the operation of the Services and process the information on our behalf and under our instructions, as well as with our business partners and affiliates who may offer you products and services, based on your preferences (if you indicate your desire to receive these).”

In the end I just don't feel like trusting a company that has a bad rep with privacy and data, along with many of their options you have to 'opt out' from within the app already installed and running. Not to mention some of the other concerns like security, performance issues being caused while running. Many of the other alternatives seem much better, especially in regards to privacy and the use of your data.

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    Oct 01, 2020 7:41 am

    The content you quoted doesn’t appear in the link you provided.
    you either copy-pasted from somewhere else, or the information is outdated.

    Overwolf also don’t sell aggregated data anymore, they did so after an AMA and openly apologised for it.

    sound like you’re just mad tbh.

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