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Here’s a list of 8 Character Customization updates which aren’t in Shadowlands, but would make for a great 9.1 patch.

wow5 - Here's a list of 8 Character Customization updates which aren't in Shadowlands, but would make for a great 9.1 patch.

First of all, a huge thank you to Blizzard for all the changes they are bringing in 9.0. For me, this is the most significant update to the game in years and I am ecstatic. But the fact remains that a lot of work is still needed, and many fan favourites were sadly left out in this update.

  1. Old hairstyles and faces need to be remade. There are many iconic old hairstyles that need to be visually enhanced to remain valid options in the next decade. Compared to newer options, they now look so bad you actually feel limited to using only the new options. Take for example some of the Night Elf female hairstyles like "Braided Tail" and "Long", which feature heavily in promotional art and were always used in the RTS-games. Similarly, many of the races suffer from "one-face-syndrome" as there is usually only one or two options that look good. Who cares if there are technically 20 options if hardly any of them feel like viable choices?
  2. Some options including hairstyles, tattoos, war paints and piercings should be made available to more races. There are a few looks so basic they ought to be universally adopted on Azeroth. For example the different types of ponytails and braids you see on some races but which are strangely missing from others. High Elves have always had rangers with war paints but those were omitted in Shadowlands while other races got theirs. Humans are ancestors of the Vrykul, so you'd think some of them used tattoos at least.
  3. More (and longer) beards, please. Wizard beards for humans, and why not let the Undead keep rocking their old beards in death? I could easily envision a Blood Elf with a good-sized beard as well, not just a goatee. Heck, give Dwarf women beards. Clearly the technology is there if you look at the fidelity of Orcish and Dwarven beards.
  4. Animations for riding and other basic tasks of the game are outdated. For example the way you sit when riding a mount is super stiff and awkward. Many races look really stiff when they run, as if they have sticks up their bottoms. These are animations you watch all day long as you play the game, and they deserve to be top-quality.
  5. Body types, including straight or hunched backs, fat or skinny, curvy or slim should be more widely available. Should it really take an entire allied race (Kul Tiran) just to give us largely-built humans? Let Trolls, Worgen and Undead stand upright. Let females have smaller chest-sizes or larger muscles. Let males be skinny. Or fat.
  6. Basic anatomical or deeply-rooted cultural features should be shared between Allied Races and Core Races. For example as a Void Elf I shouldn't have to give up something as basic as a good-looking braided silver hairstyle just because my character happened to swim in Void-energy. But on the other hand, it makes sense if there is some exclusive Sin'dorei jewellery available to only Blood Elves because their culture has recently evolved. Basically what I'm saying is that you shouldn't miss out on the things that make your race what it is, but it's fine if there are added extras to make your Allied Race stand out.
  7. Allied races just need more options overall. More skin and hair colours, face options, and so on. Some are currently better than others, but there's still a ways to go before they feel like complete races.
  8. Let us choose between multiple voices. Human females sound like Cameron Diaz or something. It's not bad necessarily, just not my cup of tea. Worgen females (human form) sound amazing though. Why not let me choose between both voices? This is a common feature in MMORPGs and it makes perfect sense. Being able to pick between a wise, excited, sleepy, irritable, strong, cunning, friendly, or even sensual voice would make sense.

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