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Hi, I run a Game Center and all the accounts that customers logged on my PCs are banned.

wow1 - Hi, I run a Game Center and all the accounts that customers logged on my PCs are banned.

G'day Reddit!

I don't usually post here, my problems are usually simple and are solved by an online search.
I'm having a problem I would like to ask for some help with it.

•So here is the story :

I run a Gaming Center and most of my customers play World of Warcraft here, Mostly classic, a few play retail.
Three days ago, a huge wave of password reset and account banned happened here all at the same time.
You can imagine the outrage of the customers. At first, we all thought it's a connection problem, but after a few logins, we realized around 13 accounts had been banned (yes the account, not the WoW account), almost all the other account had received password resets from blizzard for the following reason:
"Action(s) Taken: Account Closure
Recent activity shows your account may be compromised. We disabled this account to protect your privacy and prevent further damage."
all the accounts received this notification, somewhere banned, some just pass resets.
Among the remaining accounts, some of them continued to get password resets again even after password changes, and the rest also got banned.

•What we did :

We started making tickets and cleaning the systems (The initial assumption was that there is a worm or trojan on the network). It became obvious after a few tickets and live chats that the Blizzard AntiHack team has initiated the Closures and Passresets, and our cases got bumped up to them ( Seemingly they are an individual office working above the GM team in the rank hierarchy.
So far I have received only one reply back from the GM team(which are relaying the anti-hack team respond), as follows: Your ticket has received the following response:


Hello. Goood evening
After a review we could confirm that the penalty applied to the account was correct and as such it will not be modified.
We can antecipate that this is not the answer you wished for and understand that you may still have concerns regarding the action applied to your account and the process behind it. As such we would like to add that:
1) this action was taken to address a violation of the Terms of Use, which all players accept before logging into the game, and in accordance with it.
2) An unauthorized third party program is defined as any third-party software (including Add ons) that facilitates cheating; intercepts, mines or collects information from the game database; or allows modifying automation or hacking of the game interface, environment, or experience in any way not expressly authorized by Blizzard Entertainment.
3) As there are no mitigating circumstances in your case, the suspension will not be overturned.
4) we are not obliged to give any warnings, and the violation warrants a penalty up to immediate account closure.
Given the above mentioned we now consider this matter closed and would not look to enter into further discussion on the subject. As there is no purpose in making further appeals, tickets concerning this issue may be closed without a response.
Finally, We would also like to state that We’re committed to providing an equal and fair playing field for everyone in World of Warcraft and will continue to take action against those found in violation of our Terms of Use.
English Game Master Team.

Between me and the community, I have never let anyone run any bot/automated addon or any software whatsoever on the PCs here at my Gamecenter. (Customers run through … program
and don't have access to the drives or even windows) But well someone got through 9month ago, and well his account got banned nevertheless.

Clearly, I have asked what exactly has been done wrong, what kind of third party software, etc. etc. Which I am not getting any reply to since the matter is considered close according to the GM Team.

The corona break out has hit my business pretty hard, but this… this has literally killed it for the past three days, and until I don't figure out the reason for closures, my customers won't possibly trust this network again.

TL;DR: I run a game center with customers that mainly play WoW, and all of their accounts have been affected severely recently, I cannot get a solid answer from GM Support.

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