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High Rated PVP has been destroyed in 8.1, Due to Blizzard changing the Queue system for no reason.

wow7 - High Rated PVP has been destroyed in 8.1, Due to Blizzard changing the Queue system for no reason.

If you play high rated PVP at all, we are talking 2s/3s/rbg Queues have been hotfixed by blizzard in some way without them announcing anything. Essentially what we have found out as players if once you have faced a team there is now an internal "cooldown" where you cannot face that team again for anywhere between 40 minutes and an hour.

For people who don't PVP too often, please let me explain why this is a MASSIVE issue.

So in WOW pvp, Think about it like this, the higher you go – the less competition you have. Yes the games are harder and players play better. But there are far fewer high rated players/teams than there are low rated players/teams.

For example I have tried to play 2s/3s/RBGS on my main shaman Jassebangsen – Armory here for proof.

I tried to play 2v2, I played a staggering 4 games, before I was unable to play the game AT ALL for almost 50 minutes. I played against Survival/disc Ele/Rdruid, DK/RDRUID, MW/Rdruid. After these 4 games, those where the only teams above 2600 playing. Usually this would be NO problem as you could have a series or ping pong between compositions for practice, you beat one team and lose to another, you rematch and beat said team. So you can actually increase your rating based on your preformance.

The same happened in threes, I played TWO games of Ele/Destro/Rshaman ending at 3078 MMR (Matchmaking rating) I faced Destro/SP/MW and Enh/Arms/MW – We then sat chatting in discord for 44 MINUTES before calling it a night. We literally ran out of games after two -3minute games. Like in an hour we got to play for 6 MINUTES!.


Rbg is even worse, I play @ 2900 cr currently, my team is much higher but I kind of only hop in when they need me. We formed at 10pm realmtime when I got home from work, I sat in queue eating my dinner for an HOUR and 45 Minutes and Didn't face a single team – For a matter of perspective in the patch before, we never sat a queue longer than 15 minutes and if we did it would generally be a 1000-2200 rated team so we at LEAST got to play the game.

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It's currently IMPOSSIBLE to push for rank 1, Much like season 10 of cataclysm where you have maybe 50 or so people sat @ 3500 rating, obviously not playing the game due to this problem. If I wished to grind to 3500 myself it is going to take almost 10X as long as I'm averaging two arena games per hour when I used to be able to play 10-15+ games depending on the compositions I met.

Pve dissapointed me in bfa, M+ Dissapointed me in BFA, Pvp has been the main thing thats kept me and my friends playing the game, yet not it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to play as we get less than 10 minutes of gameplay every hour.

I'm honestly just lost for words, and a lot of streamers are not streaming wow/pvp because of it, Hydra for example is literally leveling alts for stream content instead of trying to pvp as it's more boring to watch someone sat afk in 40 minute queues rather than actually killing low level mobs.

I assume this change was implimented to stop wintrading, but its one of this bizarre hotfixes which literally doesn't apply to anybody. Wintraders are probably less than 0.005% of the high rated pvp scene (2400+) yet you decide to punish EVERY SINGLE PLAYER by putting a PVE lockout on PVP content.

Hold me reddit.

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