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Hind sight – Racial quests replacing class quests in BFA.

wow3 - Hind sight - Racial quests replacing class quests in BFA.

Somethings they should have done to improve questing was race based quests in BFA.

One of the major things Legion offered was class quest lines which were more or less unique per each class. The Paladin and Priest may end up similar, still, not everything can be perfect, but they tried something good. I dont hate if a person or an organization tries for something good.

BFA, we got severly hit by this lack of questing content. Apart from the 3 zones and the warcampaign that was pretty much it. The warcampaign was pretty lacking and had nothing to do with 'faction pride'. So instead of class campaigns what they should have included is some race specific quest lines since targeting a class would be difficult in middle of a faction war.

  • A lightforged quest line where they are very militaristic and on a full Take no survivors mode assaulting a Horde camp in Voldune.

  • Additionally a side quest can be, a particular Lightforged commander meets up a scarlet crusade camp. These are survivors, and sympathisers who have banded together reforming an old Crusade after the Battle of Lorderone. They convince this lightforged commander that no matter what the horde is Forsaken cannot be trusted ever.

  • Taurens are troubled by some of the assaults. In midst some you help alliance civilians to stay out of the war. Either taking them to safe areas or healing the injured midst the war. After Baine is arrested you chase these rumors to see if its true and realizes that it is. So you seek Mayla out to help guide the Tauren while Baine is away.

  • Nightborne Land near ghostlands to bolster Blood elven deffence since it is the only major base now left for the Horde in the Eastern kingdoms. You fight some undead over the area, and scouts from the alliance testing the defences.

  • Trolls discuss the death of their leader. Later to hear rumors about Voljins spirit. They journey to an old Zandalari temple killing Zuls people on way to consult loa and ask about Voljins spirit. Rokhan is crowned as their leader. But needs to hurry back to the war. On some questing killing alliance, while You and Rokhan are convinced the alliance should be stopped, something just dont add up.

  • Humans are almost broken in spirit. Some from the loss of Varian and distrusting Anduin for being so Young. Specially mistrusting him after the events of Before the storm. There is an uprising in one of the towns we must cull down, and rumors are spreading of an old faction (scarlets ) recruiting people.

  • Like Taurens the Draenei are not happy about the war as well. On some occasions helping wounded zandalari civilians off the field, or guiding them back out of voldune back into Zandalar. Fighting threats. Meanwhile they get the tip and discover a lightforged commander has struck a bargain with a newly forming Scarlet crusade. The Draenei player goes over to an lightforged underling and try to convince that the scarlets are actually bad and zelots. But are forced to fight this lightforged group as they say siding with the light is not bad.

  • Worgen are thinking over of fighting for Gilneas once again. Nightelves seem eager to help them and for some reason the Lightforged as well. You quest in Gilneas trying to fight off the undead off the city. You see much of the city is unusable because of the lingering plague, but nevertheless an important hold should the Alliance assault further inland.

Didnt include Gnomes, Dwarves, Forsaken, Orcs (the major force of horde), Blood elves etc as they get some content in BFA.

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