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How 15+ players in LFR bonded together with sheer determination to fight N’Zoth for the first and win (after 4 hours)

wow1 - How 15+ players in LFR bonded together with sheer determination to fight N'Zoth for the first and win (after 4 hours)

Let me tell you a story from last night where i attempted to fight N'Zoth for the first time. We downed the entry boss first try and then entered his room. No explanation, no pause, just a ready check and a pull. 60 seconds later half the raid is mind controlled (MC'ed) and we wipe, not even finishing phase one.

Right off the bat half of everyone leaves, we lose a tank, but manage to keep 4 healers. Everyone start pointing fingers, yelling, 5-6 people start trying to vaguely describe the encounter that they don't know well. So a question was finally ask, "who has finished this fight?". We get only 7 people to admit to even finishing this fight and only one that claims they have finished it in LFR. More people leave at this point and a few more join.

At this point we know its going to be rough, and we also know we were most likely going to be hitting max determination stacks. So after about a 10 min wait we got a new tank, we brief him and we pull. We last through first phase still losing most everyone but we make it at least to phase 2. Rinse and repeat for 2 hours.

2.5 hours in, we have not managed to get the boss below 85%. Tanks are mad, we are losing 7-8 people per try and new people are coming in and dying making it even harder. But then a blessing. We pick up 2 VERY geared dps who know the fight, a fury warrior and a warlock. These guy end up holding the top 2 dps spots and understand the insanity mechanic. So after a brief chat with them clarifying that we had the basic idea right we made a plan. Me (also fury warrior but un-geared and terrible dps) would make the calls. Losing my dps was nothing if i could keep people alive by directing. 2 heavy dps focused down MC'ed players due to fast burst, this drastically helped with the insanity that several members were still having problems with. With this new plan we managed to make it to phase 3 for the first time at about the 3 hour mark.


The rest of the story goes quick. We only wiped 2-3 more times as we figured out add mechanics and each time more and more people were still alive in phase 3, letting our dps focus more on the boss amd in turn decreasing insanity issue buy killing faster.

At about 4 hours in we did it. In a shower of notifications, more then 15 of us beat N'Zoth for the first time in a LFR group. All but one player stayed for the cinematic that played (bit weak btw) and for a few minutes after we just chilled, swapped loot and relaxed. I made a few new friends that day. And thats it, i went on my way and decided to take a few days break after that. For some this might not be an achievement, but for me amd 15 of us that fought for 4 hours on a LFR boss that we saw for the first time, it was quite the experience.

EDIT: for clarity it was the insanity mechanic that caused the most problems, not tanking or pure dps. We had a lot of new(er) players that didn't know standing in goop would damage their insanity or getting pulled into walls. That's why having some high dps players that could prevent a snowball effect when people got MC'ed was so useful.

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