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How ESO and GW2 made me appreciate WoW

wow5 - How ESO and GW2 made me appreciate WoW

So to start out, I'll say that I've been playing WoW since 2005 (on and off due to financial reasons), and I've been liking WoW and thought of it as my "favorite game" up to about Warlords of Draenor. WoD was the first expansion that made me quit the game, not because I couldn't afford the subscription, but because I just didn't have fun playing it. I skipped most of WoD, only playing Highmaul and the first week of BRF before I quit and came back with the Legion prepatch. During Legion my PC wasn't good enough to run WoW smoothly, and during raiding I'd crash a lot, so I kind of gave up on WoW and decided I'd buy a new PC and then come back. That took a while.

Now, since I really wanted to play an MMO, I decided to look what other MMOs are/were on the market, and try them out. I tried GW2 first, because I remember I had some fun in it's pvp mode for the short time I've played it. It was fun for a while, I mostly played the structured pvp mode, but I did play Fractals on a "high level", as well as WvW. The raids didn't really pull me in. After about a year of GW2, I got burned out due to the lack of content and the general disconnect the developers have with their community. If you think Blizzard is bad at talking to their players, check out Anet.


After guild wars, a friend of mine talked me into giving ESO a try. I decided I have little to lose, and so off I went, to play in Tamriel. The first two weeks I literally only played ESO, I had so much fun leveling with my friend, learning new things, it was like playing WoW in it's prime. After the two weeks I was lvl 50 and 200 cp, gearing my character. It was then that I found out I really didn't like the monster set system. Having to do a veteran level dungeon for a monster set helmet wasn't a bad idea. Having to do daily dungeon quests to get the matching shoulder piece would be alright if it didn't depend on pure rng of whether you got "light", "medium", or "heavy" variants of the armor, all of which is quite important for a majority of viable builds. For example, if I have one medium, one light and 5 heavy, I get more meaningful passives than if I was using 2 light, 3 medium and 2 heavy. Basically, having 5 of one type is what makes or breaks your build, without it you're a lot weaker. Now, if it was a 5-15 minute wait for a dungeon queue to pop, you'd spend about 30 mins average on waiting, which isn't as bad. The problem is ZOS has been ignoring it's LFG problems since 2014, so it's not unlikely you'll be waiting for an hour for a single queue pop, just to get put back into the queue because it bugged out. I've literally had this happen with a 4 man queue (dungeons in ESO are 4 man), so no, it wasn't due to me queueing dps. While I was playing gw2 BFA came out, and I read and heard that it was really bad, so I really didn't want to play WoW. I stuck with ESO for 3 months. During the 3 months, I came across broken 1 shot builds, bugged dungeons/trials, bugged pvp, massive server lag every day during "prime time", laggy combat as soon as there were more than 5 people in one spot, huge ping every day for no specific reason other than their servers being bad, bad movement system etc. The final straw was that for four days straight the group finder didn't work. For anything. Pvp, pve, whatever you needed, you couldn't get placed into a group. ZOS just didn't care. Not even a single post was made about it. Whenever I'd visit the forums I'd see people "crying" about it, and others just telling them that it's been happening since 2014.

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Finally, after the 3 months, I gave in and decided I'd try out BFA as a last resort before I quit all MMOs forever, or until Classic. I came back to WoW a month ago, and I'm glad I did. No matter how bad of a state WoW is currently in, it's miles ahead of any other MMO on the market right now. Systems on WoW work. Yeah, you've got an odd bug here and there, but it mostly works. There's also much more content in WoW than any of those other "scaling" mmos, where in their whole original game+expansions you've got less content than just the first patch of BFA. Yes, WoW has a long way to go before it's as good as it was in Wotlk or TBC, but I'd still much rather stick to BFA than go back to the mmos that are in the same or worse state (content-wise), but update less frequently and have broken systems that you need to play the game. I still hope Blizzard learns from their mistakes and fixes BFA with 8.2 though.

Please excuse my English as it's not my primary language.

TLDR: WoW is better than GW2 and ESO because it works.

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