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How I use Warcraft Logs to increase my performance as a Cutting Edge raider

wow7 - How I use Warcraft Logs to increase my performance as a Cutting Edge raider

Hello, my name is Haytham and I wanted to make a post about how I use Warcraft Logs to improve my gameplay.
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I also recorded a video that has more detail and a visual guide on how to navigate warcraft logs and do the following analyses below.

Disclaimer: This is a post around specifically self improvement. This video/post is not comprehensive but it definitely has some useful pieces of information for understanding how to navigate and use Warcraft Logs to get better. I am part of a US 219/World 666 guild, it's possible guilds above me may have other ways to improve but i've found these methods helpful. (Additionally this is an X-Post from the r/CompetitiveWoW subreddit, I thought the information would be helpful for many players)

I use warcraft logs in 2 primary ways when it comes to my own performance in raid

  1. Fight preparation
  2. Fight Analysis / Log Comparison

Fight Preparation:

  1. Character Set-Up

    1. First thing I do is look at ranking parses for my class and pick a few parses that have an average fight length compared to the boss and I look at the set up before stepping into the encounter. I pretty much just copy these. Here's an example link for finding top parses for a particular fight. (Please note if your Raid Lead would like you to play a certain way or fulfill a certain role that the raid requires please do that!)
      1. Gear/Stats
      2. Trinkets
      3. Azerite (BFA) – Soulbinds (SL) – Artifact Weapon (Legion)
      4. Essences (BFA) – Conduits (SL) – Relics (Legion)
      5. Corruption (BFA) – SL Legendaries (SL) – Legion Legendaries (Legion)
      6. Talents
      7. Consumables
  2. Cooldown Usage: When should I use my cooldowns in this encounter, is there a specific point I should hold cooldowns for? Are there points of incoming damage that I should take note of? When should I use my healing and dps potions? Here's an example of the timeline portion of a fight

    1. Offensive Cooldown – Looking at an example log from the top 100 parses for my spec, Ii'd check the timeline portion of the log using the button in the top right of the page, selecting the player I want to observe and see when they press their cooldowns during the encounter
    2. Defensive Cooldowns – generally I observe the damage in logs to note high areas of incoming damage incase I'll need need to use a personal cooldown somewhere or a healing potion / healthstone (usually these cooldowns are more reactive than preventative but it's possible there's some information to learn here) (Please beware some raid leaders assign defensive cooldown usage during encounters to give priority to that over your own selection if advised)

Fight Analysis / Log Comparison:

  1. How did you do?

    1. Note your parse (to see how you stack up to others!), important class buff uptime (enrage for fury warriors), important class debuff uptime on your targets (Cold Steel Hot Blood for fury warriors), and how many casts you had for your abilities and what your overall damage mix was.
  2. Comparing your performance to a different player – Find a players log that has a similar fight duration (within a couple seconds to your log)

    1. First select your log you want to compare to someone's and click the compare button in the top right corner. Then click "Compare Reports" and "Compare with URL". Then using your desired URL of the player use the code between the "/" and "#" in the URL. For example the below links code would be: "
      nD4rMR6VbYkFLfdH#fight=2&type=damage done - How I use Warcraft Logs to increase my performance as a Cutting Edge raider (This log is an infinite stars parse so i'm just using this to showcase how you can use the "warcraft log ID" to compare reports)
    2. Once you've created the comparison report select both the players you want to compare (ideally they should be the same spec)
    3. Lastly compare dps, buff uptimes, cd usage, and casts and casts per minute (CPM) to see how you stack up compared to a top performing player for your class / spec. Generally for me I've noticed the casts and buff uptime / debuff uptime portions of the fight generally help me the most for understanding where I can improve and what is vital to top damage.

Closing remarks:

There are additional ways to use warcraft logs to see how you are doing in the middle of progression on a particular fight. There are additional tools like
wipefest - How I use Warcraft Logs to increase my performance as a Cutting Edge raider and that can help as well but the intent for this video is to introduce you to basic warcraft logs analysis and how I personally use it for self improvement.

Thank you for reading!

Haytham – Kil'jaeden

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