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How to start playing Arena and find success

wow2 - How to start playing Arena and find success

Hello, my name is Haytham. I've been getting a bunch of questions around how to get into arena and how to get started in the PvP sie of things so I figured i'd just make a post a resource to anyone who may be interested in Arena.

For reference I'm a BFA S1 and S4 gladiator, and have been playing arena since late Cataclysm. Here's a video I made with more detail.

I wanted to highlight 2 key areas of arena

1) Stepping into the Arena


2) How to improve

Stepping into the Arena

  1. Gear / Stats
    1. Versatility reduces damage taken and increases damage dealt. Typically for most classes you will want Versatility + Haste / Mastery. The critical strike stat has reduced effectiveness in pvp, so typically youll want Vers + another stat.
  2. Talent Selection
    1. So there are pvp guides on icy veins and wowhead. Generally I would say for your class it is healthy to try the cookie cutter builds but to experiment with different builds and combinations to see what works vs certain comps. One of the strongest ways you can express yourself in Arena is through talent selection and character setup.
  3. Trinkets
    1. I recommend using the Gladiator's Medallion – Get out of CC trinket with a 2 min cooldown. Generally using this is better and getting practice with it will only make you better
  4. Step into the arena
    1. This part can be daunting for new players to the arena mode. The anxiety that comes with joining a random person in LFG who could potentially be toxic or judge you (fear of rejection) in my experience came from my lack confidence. Just by playing many games I naturally quelled any anxiety I had by gaining confidence in my abilities.
    2. In terms of finding team mates just use LFG and either create or look for a group in 2s that's says something like "low CR, new to arena" etc. Keep playing until you start getting comfortable in the environment and with your class abilities / cooldowns.
    3. One thing I want to stress, it is absolutely fine to lose. When learning something you're not going to be perfect from the get go so learning form mistakes is totally normal.

How to Improve

  1. Knowledge
    1. Arena is a knowledge and mechanical based game, knowing your enemy via experience and research will make you better and help you win more game
    2. Key things to research are class cooldowns, cc categories / diminishing returns, and class utility
  2. Mindset
    1. Arena is hard, sometimes it's easy to blame your teammates when you lose. The best approach I've noticed in my experience is to take each loss as a learning experience and consistently focus on how you can improve and adapt your gameplay to win.
    2. Focus on things like, did I use my defensives correctly; did I use my trinket correctly; did I cc correctly; how many interrupts did I hit? etc.
  3. Macros/Arena Targeting
    1. Improving your targeting is one of the best ways to improve the pace at which you can play the game. If you just use your mouse to click target in arena, that is usually precious seconds of time that you cannot turn your character or camera for any reason. Using the tips below and adjusting to them will help improve that.
    2. Arena Targeting: Escape > Key Bindings > Targeting -scroll down to the "Target Arena Enemy 1" etc section. Bind Arena target 1-3 and focus arena 1-3. Targeting allies like this instead of trying to click through scores of demonology warlock pets, shaman totems, or DK pets will save you a bunch of time and improve your ability to play.
    3. Focus Macro/Arena Target Macros: The following macros are incredibly useful in a pvp setting: "/cast polymorph" or "/cast polymorph" (you can replace arena1 with arena2 or arena3). Macros like the above can either target a specific arena target from top to bottom on blizzard frames or your focus target while you're targeting and damaging another player. Game changer once you get used to this.
    4. Friendly Targeted Abilities: Being able to target allies with critical utility spells without having to de target your kill target is vital to success. Macros like: "/cast decurse". Getting used to binds like this can also rapidly increase the rate at which you can kill enemies while keep your allies offensive or peel enemies while helping out your team members.
  4. Teammates
    1. What I've used for finding teammates is simply LFG. The only tips I have here are accepting there will be toxic individuals around, just be ready to move on quickly if someone is not fun to play with. When I find players I enjoy playing with I add them to btag and try to play with them again before looking in LFG. Eventually you'll have a list of friends to play with. The best type of team mates to have are people of similar skill who are like minded in terms of whatever goals you have for arena.
  5. Practice
    1. Duels
      1. I think duels are great for learning how your spec interacts with specs from other classes. Learning how to survive 1v1 and how to outplay your opponents defensives and offensives are critical to arena success. This comes with many reps. (My character has like 1,000 duels played but that's over several expansion stretch)
    2. 2v2
      1. I think 2v2 arena with a healer companion can really help you getting used to doing damage over a long period (2's games are generally much longer than 3's games) and getting comfortable with kill windows / kill conditions via CD usage and CC set up.
    3. 3v3
      1. 3v3's are the pinnacle of arena imo, despite this being the place you compete I would say 3s more generally help you practice your CC chains with your team mates, defensive cooldown usage (and not overlapping), offensive cooldown coordination, and how to play when you're the target and when you're not the target (When to play aggressively or defensively).

These are some things that I've found helpful as I've tried to level up in PvP, with the start of the new expansion and PvP season around the corner now is a better time than ever to step into the arena!

Thanks for reading.

Haytham – Kil'jaeden

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