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How was the Horde meant to win a prolonged war when by the first patch they are already on the ropes?

wow3 - How was the Horde meant to win a prolonged war when by the first patch they are already on the ropes?

I really don't get this, during the War Campaign with Nathanos he says something along the line of "Without the Zandalari Fleet the Horde will be crushed!", I mean really? After the first patch and the massive advantage they had in the WoT and SoL they are already on the verge of losing? After which I decided to watch some videos about the new raid and the dialogue what comes with it and he says the following (which I will put in spoilers).

"My Queen.. reports are coming in from all over our outposts. The Alliances tightening their grip. Victory is within their grasp". I mean really? Is the Horde really this desperate? I know half of the Zandalari fleet was sunk but still, it can't be this bad?

How is the Horde in such an awful state to the point that the first patch they are clinging on in this war while Alliance presses their advantage almost everywhere. This also reinforces the Mission Table/War Effort considering that also shows the Alliance pushing heavily into Horde occupied territory (missions such as the Echo Isles being bombarded, Mulgore Gate being under siege, the Alliance somehow has a base in Durotar, Hillsbrad and Silverpine being invaded from Gilneas a lot of Ashenvale including Astranaar being retaken etc..). Even if the Horde repels these as they might/might not do it still paints a clear picture that the Alliance is making all the moves and can make them moves while the Horde tries just to hold on everywhere.


The only thing I can see what goes against this is what Anduin says in the Lost Honor cinematic to Saurfang, about him not being able to stop Sylvanas alone. But at this point, this must come at the angle that stopping Sylvanas will cost so much for both the Alliance and Horde that a victory would just be too costly. that and Anduin wanting to try and save the good side of the Horde what is left. Also at the start of the cinematic Genn points out that the Alliance hasn't even enforced conscription (at least Stormwind hasn't) while the Horde must have considering in BtS it is said that the Horde had to use conscription to fight the Legion as plenty of Horde members went back to work on their farms, if they are this desperate already then it must be enforced.

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Perhaps I am looking into this too much, but I just don't get this faction war at all. I know the point of this war was to capture Teldrassil and use that to bargain with the Alliance for basically power. ButSylvanas should be smart enough to know that even burning Teldrassil she wouldn't stand a chance and the only thing she has left to do was bargain with the civilians left within the tree.

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