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I google translated the Icy Veins guide for Odyn (from Trial of Valor)

wow1 - I google translated the Icy Veins guide for Odyn (from Trial of Valor)

Odyn is the first leader in punishing rapes.

At the beginning of the year, Odin brought titles of anti-Semitic goddesses. But in recent years, the curtain has been made up of strong abyss clusters. Odyn wants to win a leading motorcycle and wait for his freedom.

It has a three-dimensional war against terrorism. First of all, you fight with hymdall and hyrja, but they quickly stop fighting against each other for the last two periods. Each circle has a small capacity and is designed to test the attack. Odyn, hymdall and hyrja have some helmets, which are easier to offer.

4.1. tanks

single face: hymdall and tan 35 meters

face mask (hymdal tank): move it to a strong horn.

Phase 2: Try between 6 and 8 experimental glands.

Two-Dimensional Phase (Brick Structure): Use cooling to live in waste until hymdall or hyrja is created.

Third phase: keep the head away from the storm sealing stamps and make sure the head is aimed at that other power.

4.2. doctors

Half and Half Aspects: Attacking Attack Attacks Avoids When Attacks Do Not Die All Persons.

one and a half faces: it maintains a great deal of damage against the slight or light spider.

Second phase: Avoid high-risk tank hymdall or hyrja.

Third phase: Avoid getting stressed out.

Third phase: in the long run, the storm gradually rises.

4.3. DPS

one and two phases: when fishermen die.

Second phase: as hmjall and hyrja focus on growing.

4.4. everybody

one dimensional: 8 patio.

In the first phase: to go to the dome to destroy the shield.

One and two face-to-face: If you break someone, bring it.

Second stage (bold path)

Expand 5 years of exercise.

Expand 8 on the yard by the worm.

turn off the light of the light.

Second phase: moving towards the light, avoiding a series of light bulbs and fractions.

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Third phase: Do not sterilize.

Phase 3: Moves towards the hurricane.

  1. The story story

Depending on the veterinarian taxpayers, by assigning vehicles and erosion. All players must quickly find that dust protection is a feature of Jahwareerkooda Looga to prevent a tear that occurs with explosion-free explosives.

adjustment space adjustments to shut off the light.

Avoid numerous promotions and clean items.

set the world to clear every new signal once in flames. Markers design as your true signature to prevent the death of radiation attacks.

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