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I loved the Alliance story this expansion! /s

wow3 - I loved the Alliance story this expansion! /s

I love how it started with a crippling defeat, which included one of the most effective quests I've played, making me feel the despair, the scale of the situation. (RIP those 943 night elves I couldn't save), how it was explicitly called a genocide.
I loved having to chase after Jaina for what was almost the entirety of Kul'Tiras while seeing her pop up only in the end quests!
I loved playing the war campaign, seeing that the Horde wasn't content with just genociding the Night Elves, but also defiled their lands, desecrated their dead, raising them as mind controlled TOTALLY FREE-WILLED GUYS WE SWEAR undead, how they were so eager to kill their own countrymen.
I loved how Tyrande's super-duper dangerous forbidden powerup wasn't enough to kill Nathanos or prevent any of the above from happening, and basically amounted to the same thing a bunch of untrained farmers did in Andorhal 4 expansions ago, killing someone with so little characterization and presence it might as well have been a rock.
I loved raiding Dazal'alor, because they were totally the ones we needed to fight instead of the Horde, all to kill a king that had so little relevance to the Alliance's story i'd still be stuck saying "who the fuck is he?" if I wasn't frequenting this sub. And from frequenting his sub, knowing that this king had so many death flags the Alliance was nothing more than the plot device needed to push the Zandalari to join the Horde.
I loved how, after this raid (which was only possible because the Alliance sacrificed an entire platoon/battalion to draw the Horde's attention), it was Jaina (who should have been chanting "i told you so" since the xpac started) was the one telling us to not finish them off because it would make us as bad as the Horde.
I loved how after that, the War campaign amounted to "go look at what the Horde is doing".
I loved working alongside Saurfang, the architect of the War of Thorns, who personally cleaved Night Elves in two, who led the Horde army all the way to the shores of Darkshore, who had a case of conscience only during the last five minutes of the war.
I loved how the final stages of the War Campaign had the Alliance do so little that it might as well not be there, only present to spectate Saurfang's story.
I loved seeing Anduin giving a pep talk to Saurfang instead of decapitating him, equating Teldrassil and the Path of Glory with Daelin and Arthas.
I loved how the aftermath of Reckoning was "hurray for Saurfang!", seeing the Horde sort out their own problems (without the Alliance doing anything) and getting off scot-free AGAIN.
I loved how the story then had two Alliance characters on their way to join the Horde to lead the Forsaken (Calia and Derek)
I loved how, throughout the expansion, the Horde players were given the choice between supporting Sylvanas or Saurfang, while the Alliance was stuck watching it all unfold.
I loved how the Horde had a questline related to Vol'Jin's death, which dealt with the death gods/entities, setting up next expansion, while the Alliance had nothing of the sort.
I ESPECIALLY loved seeing the genocide of one of the Alliance race be used as nothing more than prop for Saurfang's character development and the Horde's story.
I loved seeing the four/five fully animated, full CGI, cinematics dealing with how being accomplice to genocide for the third fucking time in his life made Saurfang's sad, while the Alliance got DIDDLY SQUAT.
How Anduin's presence might just as well have been a mirror/dummy to which Saurfang would self-reflect to.


Massive /s.

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