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I loved torghast, now I can’t get myself to even go there…

wow2 - I loved torghast, now I can't get myself to even go there...

Ok so I generally don't write stuff like that, but it has been boiling in me for some time and I have to let it out.

It is obvious to everyone that it is Roguelike/Rougelite inspired, so I am going to compare it to my personal king of the genre: Binding of Issac.


Torghast is brilliant, that's, why it hurts me so badly, where it falters :(.



There is a total of 547 items in Binding of Issac, for Death Knight, there are 51 Anima powers to gain of course if we extrapolate that for 12 classes there are 612 Anima powers in-game. But… For me playing I don't have access to the 51 because some of them are covenant exclusives. So by the sheer lack of options, your runs will be same'y especially in Twisted Corridors where you can accumulate more anima powers than there are available…

Meaningfulness of Items

Brimstone - I loved torghast, now I can't get myself to even go there...

Epic Fetus - I loved torghast, now I can't get myself to even go there...Epic Fetus, Tech X or a myriad of other crazy powerful items is a feeling of 'fuck yeah!'. The item combinations of the aforementioned Brimstone and Rubber Cement can completely make an amazing build completely OP.
Maybe for other classes it's cooler but for Death Knight, it's 'do more damage from skill X'. There are combos like Ancient Drake Breath +
Boundless Fortitude +
Tome Of Swordplay, which are cool but most of them go down to: 'More minions the buff the minions' etc.
This makes seeing the good power from Anima Cell invoke the feeling 'Finally' instead of 'Fuck yeah!', and getting a bad one is x3 more flustrating.
Why did blizzard not decide on going haywire with this? Turing a DK into range, All of your 50% healing is now a shield that explodes after 5 sec doing 150% of the shields amount as damage. Spawn Sindragosa as a pet. So many opportunities, it's an instance that does not need to be balanced.

Dying is fun

This is where the wow team had its biggest challenge, how can I make dying fun? Instead, they went with dying being less punishing and they decided that the job is done. There is nothing more frustrating than dying at the last boss and getting NOTHING. Twisted Corridors Excel the problem, I spent 3h here I died: "well good luck next time!". Even the Visions if you screwed up you got something. In Issac you die, oh well 20 mins lost, and thru the first 20h of playing, by dying you will probably unlock something. Huge frustration factor and a missed opportunity. From what I am reading I have it easy as a Blood Death Knight, but then again, I slog thru the content sometimes at medium speed sometimes super slow, his to still not be able to kill the final boss.

The map

Where do I start here… Well maybe Torghast is procedurally generated but you could have fulled me that it's the same bloody dungeon over and over again… Sometimes a route is closed sometimes its a different room but altogether comparing going thru torghast to the wonder of going thru a door in Binding of Issac it's just being up someone who can't fight back… The locks and unlocks are not marked on the map so you can head thru a corridor to find out that there is a locked door there, that's not the joy of exploration, that's again frustration.

The bosses and enemies

Here the bosses are fun in both games, the mobs have enough mechanics to keep it fresh and force to dodge. However again Torgast seems to suffer from low enemy variety, why only shadowlands mobs? This is a literal hell, you can put any race/monster/machine and it will make sense.


This kind of loops back to dying is fun, in Binding of Issac you first just fight Mom, after that, you go to the uterus to fight mom's heart, after that, you go either to hell or heaven to fight Satan/yourself. Then you discover there are 4 more alternative additional final stages, then you find out you can fight mega satan or the lamb. So much changes every time you earn a small victory.
In torghast you get a +1 like in mythic… Nice…

Am I nitpicking? Do I miss the point somehow?

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