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I really just want 2hand Frost back for my DK…

wow5 - I really just want 2hand Frost back for my DK...

I just don't like Unholy. I don't like the "feel" of the rotation, I don't like the visual themes, and I really don't like the goober-looking "Dark Transformation". I'm also not crazy about most of my damage coming from secondary sources or DoT's.

2hand Frost just felt "right". It felt ergonomic and natural, it felt powerful, and felt closer to the "fantasy" I've always envisioned for the DK. While I'm sure some players enjoy dual-wielding as a DK, I've personally never thought it aesthetically "fit" the class, and just doesn't seem to play to any sort of archetype.


Even if 2hand Frost is technically inferior to DW Frost, I would appreciate just having the option again. From Cata up through Warlords, they were balanced so closely that I could regularly out-DPS my "superior" DW'ing counterparts, simply because I better connected with the feel and rotation of 2hand Frost.

Now admittedly, it would be cool to be able to transmog either larger versions of the Frost Artifact, or even the Unholy Artifact, but I'm fine if I have to go without transmogging either.

I just want 2hand Frost back, because as of right now, I do not enjoy playing any character in WoW. Which is why I am now unsubbed.

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