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I rerolled Alliance and I’ve been generally surprised.

wow2 - I rerolled Alliance and I’ve been generally surprised.

Backstory – I just started playing WoW again after a 8 year hiatus? (Somewhere in the ballpark) about 3 weeks ago.

I originally rolled Horde because that’s what I saw taking up the Arena leaderboards much more than the Alliance. I also thought I enjoyed the races more. (It’s a weird thing to explain, I don’t enjoy playing them as much as I enjoy seeing them.)

But I was always just kind of unhappy with the appearance with my toons, nothing quite did it for me, And my brother had just started to get in to the World of Warcraft. By the time he started playing I had around 4 level 120’s on the horde so I initially refused to try out Alliance quoting that I don’t have enough time to play two factions.

So rolling Alliance is officially planted in my head but just not really thought about at this moment yet. Fast forward another week. Trying to do World Quest as horde was frustrating. I swear I was one of the 7 horde players online (I know there is more horde players than Alliance) but it seemed that there was 1000 Alliance players on. I can’t count how many times I was ganked by the Alliance. Especially once we got in to invasions. The alliance was just all over them and it was such a pain to complete with war mode on.

Then I also got bored with my classes as horde (Demon Hunter – just bleh, Warlock – give me back afflic, Hunter – Just my fingers hurt, Paladin – not sure why I got bored of you, Spriest – I didn’t enjoy the play style or rotation)


So I created a human rogue class trial and really enjoyed the animations and just generally enjoyed playing as Alliance, and my brother was set on a Draenei for his shaman.

So I pulled the trigger and bit my tongue and bought a class boost for the rogue. I use to play rogue back when I played previously but I thought they changed the rogue too much for me to enjoy it, definitely was wrong about that.

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So I have played as an Alliance player for about a week now, and I’ll be honest I do enjoy playing as Alliance a lot more than I did Horde.

1) The Alliance are everywhere for World Quest, I literally always have help killing some of the WQ’s I couldn’t being a fresh 120, I just hit 325 ilvl. 2) I will say you can definitely tell that there is less Alliance players sitting in the AH dueling outside of SW. maybe I’ve been going to the wrong city? It was the Orgrimmar when I played in the past. Less chat in trade and general chat channels too. 3) 400ilvl from killing 25 horde players? Yes please, because the alliance is literally always killing the horde. 4) There seems to be more people doing mythic and mythic+ than horde.

So far, I love the Alliance and it was definitely the right choice for me. I am definitely enjoying the game more now after the class and faction re roll.

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