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I think I would be less annoyed by the portal removals if we were given a story-based reason

wow4 - I think I would be less annoyed by the portal removals if we were given a story-based reason

I'm sorry if someone has already made a post with an idea similar to this. I haven't seen one yet.

Let me explain. Like many of you, I find the imminent removal of portals to be frustrating. Compounded with the dev's current attitude of "Yes we saw the feedback, we're doing it anyway." witnessed on the forums earlier… trust me, I understand the community's frustration.

As I thought about this, I realized I'm mostly mad (outside of the loss of easy transportation to my mount farms) because it's a change without an in-game story based reason for it. It's just happening because the devs want it. That's it. There's no "nod" from any lore character to indicate that a change in the game's ecosystem is even happening, in spite of all of us feeling the change. For them, it's just another Tuesday.

Kadghar didn't accidently magic the portal network into space, Jaina didn't freeze the leylines where they stand. (I'm sorry) Our characters and by extension, us as players have no bearing on this, and that's frustrating.

Personally, I really don't think I would be nearly as miffed if they at least gave an in-game build up or reasoning for it. They've done it in the past, mostly for expansion drops. (earthquakes before Cata comes to mind)


It could have been as simple as a few mage NPCs lamenting that the leylines feel compromised because woons the planet is bleeding out, so their portals feel unstable.

Bonus points if they made it a mini quest where Dadghar confirms that the Kirin Tor are shutting the Dalaran network down for the moment because he fears it's taxing Azeroths already wavering strength.

Is it still shitty the portals are gone in that scenario?

Well yeah. That won't change. But at least softening the blow like that provides an immersive lore based reason that gives in-game acknowledgement and justification of the change, and not because a dev acting outside of the games lore thinks shits too cluttered.

It's okay to feel shitty about the changes, or that the devs hear us but aren't listening – we know historically, shit flinging isn't likely going to do anything or change their minds. All the same, does it make me feel better to vent frustrations? Hell yeah it does! And I can bet it helps some of you feel better too!

To make this fun and/or interesting, what story based reasons can you lore aficionados think of that could, theoretically, cause such widespread portal destabilization?

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