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I think most people get wrong why people love Vanilla WoW

wow5 - I think most people get wrong why people love Vanilla WoW

Listen, people are looking forward for Vanilla WoW not because they dislike modern graphics, transmog, etc. It's about a totally different feeling of the gameworld.

Vanilla WoW gave you the feeling that your realm is really it's own world. You needed to group up with random people you meet on your way to complete some hard quests. You added these people to your friendlist, so you can help out each other again. And on long term everybody had their own reputation in the realm because how good or bad they performed in a group, what nice deals they offered when trading or if they helped other lower-equipped people with key-quests or opening dungeons for them. People know each other on the server, not matter how close you actually were.

In current WoW, everybody is just playing by themself or in their close group of friends. You don't need to group up for leveling. And if you need to group up for dungeons, etc, you just click a button, get in the group, don't need to talk to each other and you will most likely never see anyone of them again. The only situation to actually meet people is for raids.

Also in Vanilla every class felt unique. There were a lot of balancing issues, but every class had abilities that only they could offer to a group. Mage creating water, rogue picking locks, druids can battlerez, warlock can summon group members, etc. So if you played a class, it really was different than any other class – And on top every ability was fitting the lore. Also the whole feeling of playing your class was that you are not the overpowered hero big WC3-characters, you were just a normal Orc, Tauren, etc doing their best to fight for your factions. That's why it was important that leveling was hard, you needed to rest after fights and you needed to collect ressources to use certain abilities, since your character has not enough power to do the ability without some specific reagents.

Nowadays everybody is just that overpowered monster that has unlimited power to fight against 5 mobs at the same time, most classes follow similiar rotations with 3-4 attacks plus 1-2 attacks that pop up when a meter is full. It's pretty much the same experience if you play any caster dmgdealer, or if you play any melee dmgdealer class.


Another thing I want to mention is how you actually had to go through dungeons in vanilla. They took a friggin long time, but you have to really use tactics. Crowd Control was a key to get through a dungeon before you actually got completely blue gear – Yeah, blue gear was exiting back then. Kiting was a helpful element for some encounters. And people had to really manage their ressource, use health potion and bandages, since healers had totally limited mana ressources before getting great equip. Healers also had to use not only their strongest healing abilities, but have lower levels of some spells ready too, since they could be way more mana efficient or have lower casting times.

Vanilla WoW clearly has some flaws, since it is not very user friendly. You have to find out a lot about the game by talking to other people or looking up guides, because the game barely explains you anything. It was annoying to travel 20 minutes to a dungeon before you can start. But it was a completely different approach, it was not about logging in and getting the best gear in the shortest amount of time. It was more about the Journey with other players. Dropchances for you set items in dungeons were pretty low so you had accept that you run it 20+ times. But since you were actually playing with other people you get to know, it was nice that anybody got items they needed since you usally helped out each other later again.

Also you had to care about resistance for some encounters, so you could not rely on the one equipment you have but be prepared for encounters that have high magic damage to switch your blue or even epic item against a green one for resistance.

So if you hear about people being exited about WoW Classic, try to understand that it was a totally different experience than current WoW. It was not about doing your stuff fast, but getting lost in the gameworld.

I definitely want to level up a Druid again in Classic and do some dungeons. I know that I surely have not anywhere near as much time to play the game as back then, but I'm pretty sure it will be a fun time to be back in Classic.

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