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I tried to design an idea for a new Expansion

wow5 - I tried to design an idea for a new Expansion

World of Warcraft: Secrets of the Dragon Isles

pimzpv9m38s31 - I tried to design an idea for a new Expansion

The Dragon Isles (Rough map sketch)


Inspired heavily upon the principles of discovery and exploration, I wanted to create a concept for an expansion that focus heavily on exploration, discovery, and mystery. Part of the allure of Mists of Pandaria was that it broke up the over-the-top stakes of the previous expansion, Cataclysm. Much to that design philosophy of “ringing it in”, I wanted an expansion that took a break from the Old Gods, the Demons, and the Faction Conflict.

Story Overview

Wrathion, the last son of Neltharion, has at last discovered the location of the Dragon Isles. The opposite side of Azeroth, beyond thousands of miles of open water from the nearest respite of land, lies the last bastion of exploration in the Great Seas of Azeroth.

The Alliance and the Horde, having fought and died for decades, have finally ended their conflict. The Treaty of Orgrimmar has been signed, and the two factions now look to replenish their ranks and heal their wounds.

Part of a new expeditionary force, Wrathion tasks heroes of the Horde and the Alliance to venture forth to the Dragon Isles, discover it’s secrets and find a way to heal Azeroth and restore the might of the Dragon Aspects.

Wrathion charges both factions with gaining the aid of the local peoples; the Alliance with garnering the support of the Scaleborne; The Horde has been tasked with seeking the aid of the mysterious and volatile Skjalir.

Wrathion believes we can work out a truce between the two Factions within the Dragon Isles and convince them both to work towards our common goals.


NEW RACE (Horde):

Skjalir: Seekers of the Lost Queen

nfnslp7048s31 - I tried to design an idea for a new Expansion

(Not my art)


Lived on a series of islands south of Northrend, near the Dragon Isles. Hunted the Protodragons from the Dragon Isles for sport. Joins the Horde, meets them after they discover their lands. Believes in Blood and Glory.

Believes the ultimate test of the heir to their Throne of Scales is to slay a Prime Protodragon, which is revered by their antagonistic counterparts, the Scaleborne. Rediscovered the Dragon Isles hundreds of years ago, and continues to search the Dragon Isles for the lost sword of their First Queen, Skjala of the Primal Blade.

Design Inspiration:

Designed as the counterpart to the Alliance-aligned Scaleborne, these savage, though honorable, are directly related to the Vrykul of Northrend. However, these are primarily a Sea-Faring race, and have adjusted to the relatively warmer climate of the Dragon Isles and their new home, Vrykindh Isle. Their aesthetic appearance is inspired heavily on the Visigoth and Celtic tribes of the north which warred with Ancient Rome. They mark themselves with blue warpaints, which they believe give them magical protections and strength. They are a tall, lean, hulking race of Men with giant beards which they braid with bone ornaments made from the carcasses of their enemies. The center of their society is their King/Queen, who wins the title through glory of combat. They hold their Shamans and Priests in high regard, and their Priests are highly revered for their ability to peer into the future.

Storyline Ideas

Shadows Over Vrykhind: Priests use Shadow/Void magic to peer into the Possible Future. They use special mystical herbs to help them traverse the infinite futures and find likely outcomes to battles, fortunes, and lovers. However, a dark cloud looms over the High Priestess, and many within the Circle of Sages begin to suspect the High Priestess’s alignment.

The Legend of the Primal Blade: The Seekers, warriors who devote their lives to finding the Primal Blade, and subsequently becoming the ruler of the Skjalir, have picked up some interesting leads that put them at odds with the current King. The King, fearing the warriors would be lost on a fools errand, dispatches the Champion to find out what leads they have found and where they will be heading. As the mystery unfolds, you discover that the First Queen may not be what she seems in the Legends.

Strangled Storms: Venture through the treacherous and volatile Boiling Archipelago, and discover the whereabouts and schemes of the missing Sage, a shaman named Magnus. Magnus was the Sage of Flame, and disappeared shortly after the Sage of Storms was found dead in his lodge. Fearing the worst, King Bjarg has issued a bounty for Magnus, and it is up to you to discover the truth behind the death of the Sage of Storms.


Savage Blow: Empower your next damaging spell or ability within 5 seconds, increasing the effectiveness by 10%. 3 min CD.

Giant’s Stride: Your base movement speed is increased by 8%. However, Snare effects against you are 8% more effective.

Scalebane: Your attacks and spells penetrate 1% of your target’s defensives.

Slayer’s Might: Your Strength is increased by 1%.


Dragonrider: You are trained in riding, up to Expert Level (depending on Level). Your flight speed is increased by 5%.

Ancient Seeker: Your skill in Archaeology is increased by 5. You can also sometimes find artifacts within the world that can initiate Race-specific quests.

Classes: Warrior, Shaman, Priest, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Death Knight

Vrykhind: Home of the skjalir

iod9gt0l48s31 - I tried to design an idea for a new Expansion

(not my art)

Inspired heavily by Celtic and Germanic mythology. Austrian styled landcapes (Dense forests, high mountain peaks, crystal clear streams)


NEW RACE (Alliance):

Scaleborne: Keepers of the Isles

d8p32dn848s31 - I tried to design an idea for a new Expansion

(Not my art)

More humanoid than Dragonkin, with armor and clothing inspired by ancient Greece and Rome. Scale patterns and design based on Protodragons (sharp beaks/jaws, reds and purples)


Lives on a series of islands south of Northrend, near the Dragon Isles. Sworn protectors of the Protodragons. Worshippers of the Titans and their Dragon Flights. Joins the Alliance, meets them after they discover their lands. Believes in Tradition, Wisdom, and Pacts.

Descended from Protodragons, they regard them in high honor and spiritualism. They are sworn protectors of the Dragon Isles, which houses the secrets of the Titans, the Librarium Protorium. It is said to house the a device which could wipe out all life on Azeroth. They are sworn to protect the Dragon Isles from explorers, even from their own kin.

Design Inspiration:

Most of the design inspiration for the Scaleborne comes from Ancient Rome, Greece, and other Mediterranean cultures. These seafaring Dragonkin are descended from the Protodragons, and their blue and red scales sometimes seem to flicker with tempestuous energies. Their home is Crestus, a series of ancient islands off the coast of the Dragon Isles. Crestus is warm and temperate, with a Mediterranean climate and architecture based on the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The central hub of Crestus is Parthanos, which houses shrines to the Titans and is ran by two factions: The Astral Order: Powerful Mages and Priests who study the vast knowledge of the Keepers and try to divine the will of the Titans; but they also serve as the governing legislature for Crestus. The second faction is the Protectorate: Paladins and Warriors sworn to protect the citizens of Crestus and the secrets of the Dragon Isles. The Protectorate serve as the Legionnaires and the Security force for Crestus.

Internal Conflict (Quest Chain Ideas)

Et tu Dracus?: After a mysterious murder in the Astral Order, the Protectorate suspects foul play within the politically charged caste of Mages and Priests. However, something tells you that there may be more nefarious works at play here. A plucky apprentice within the Astral Order guides you through the complex web of political intrigue and lies to find the truth of the murdered Mage.

The Marble Door: Deciding to join an Academic ship bound for the shores, your ship is blown off course due to a storm. You decide to anchor on the nearby shores of the Crumbling Coast, and to take shelter within some nearby ruins. Dodging traps and navigating the maze, you discover exciting secrets to the creation and purpose of the Scaleborne, and awaken something that should have been left to slumber.

Seeing Stars: The Protectorate has a mage in custody who has been babbling incoherently and using his own blood to draw strange glyphs and symbols over the walls of the Dome of Lights, the huge observatory used by the Astral Order to peer into the heavens. The Protectorate Paladin accompanies you along your investigation into the madness of the mage, with hopes of curing the man of his madness.


Proto Breath: Breath mystical fire in a cone, dealing X Frostfire damage to enemies and healing X health to allies. 3 min cooldown.

Protoscales: When you take melee damage, you sometimes accumulate Charges. At 10 Charges, you can Discharge on a targeted enemy, dealing X Nature Damage. 1 Min cooldown.

Phalanx: Reduces physical damage taken by 1% and increased your Block effectiveness by 5%.

Astral Attunement: Your spells and abilities consume 1% less Mana and your Arcane magic effects are 1% more effective.

Ancient Keeper: Your skill in Archaeology is increased by 5. You can also sometimes find artifacts within the world that can initiate Race-specific quests.

Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Rogue

ark4cf4e48s31 - I tried to design an idea for a new Expansion

(not my art)

Crestus: Home of the Scaleborne

Inspired by Greek and Roman mythologies and fantasy. Mediterranean (sandy, rocky, green vegetation) landscapes.


Please let me know your thoughts! I love chatting about this stuff and coming up with new ideas.

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