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I was wrongfully perma banned from World of Warcraft..

wow8 - I was wrongfully perma banned from World of Warcraft..

I have been permanently banned from World of Warcraft, I believe this ban was wrongfully enforced.

This ban came out of nowhere after having this account active for the past 6 years. Not once have I received any warnings, or gotten any bans. I was told that is was because of the "Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)". This makes absolutely no sense to me as for the past month I have been playing classic wow on a brand new laptop with the blizzard client, wow, discord and steam being the only applications on my computer.

I have been extremely diligent on not using any 3rd party programs as I have spend countless amount of money and 1000's of hours on this account. To then get a perma ban out of nowhere and without warning breaks my heart.

Backstory to ban: I currently am traveling around South Korea and have been for the past ~3 weeks. Up until 3 hours and 40 minutes before my ban the only computer I played on was my new laptop. However yesterday we had to change Airbnb's and decided to hit up a local PC Cafe while we wait for our new Airbnb to be ready. I played for 3 hours at the PC Cafe and went to our new accommodation.

Upon logging into my wow account at the new location I noticed I could not log in and was told my account was banned.

I have lived in South Korea for 8 months previously and have spent countless hours in PC Cafe's over the past 6 years of having this account. The only think I can think of is this particular PC cafe had some 3rd party software running in the background, which triggered an automatic ban on the account. It came 40 minutes after logging off at the PC cafe.


I sent in an appeal ticket, however I got the templated response of:

My name is Game Master ******, I want to thank you so much for your patience while I looked into your ticket today.

I understand that you are wanting to appeal the ban on this World of Warcraft account. Upon further investigation, it appears that this >action was taken in accordance with our Code of Conduct and EULA > which all players must agree to in order to play our games.

Due to this, the ban will be upheld and will not be overturned. Please note that this issue is now considered closed, and further inquiries on this may not receive a response. If you have any other issues feel free to contact us again. Take care and have a good rest of your day.

With all of that being said, does anyone know if there is a way to contact the somebody high up at Blizzard so that I can talk to them and get this fixed? I will pursue this as far as possible.

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