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I would love to see an “expansion” just based on making the world seem more alive and focused on player interaction as opposed to endgame.

wow8 - I would love to see an “expansion” just based on making the world seem more alive and focused on player interaction as opposed to endgame.

Every patch just feels like “current island of Warcraft”. The rest of the world feels disconnected and empty – maybe even more so now.

I feel like a release that’s just focused on improving the immersion and social aspects of the game, while also trying to make “all” of the world relevant would be great for the long term health..

Just a few ideas but:

  • Make world quests appear all over Azeroth, all scaled to the player. Maybe unlocked with completing that zones questline for an older zone like Duskwood. Maybe they don’t offer tons of exp, but an alternative to leveling and could have some toys or cosmetics at Max lvl. Maybe even normal dungeon lvl gear or something.

  • Scale world bosses and old raids/dungeons to be doable at current max level and leveling. Have a difficulty that scales up so people can actually do the content if they want and not just 1 hit everything. Maybe have it give a tier of items lower than current raid tier, etc so the “main” raid is still the most attended.. but having essentially TW raids that can be done at any time with guilds or pugs could be fun. Other games have this, and it wouldn’t have to be perfect, just no reason to throw away fun content that some people have never experienced.

  • day/night cycle.. I think it should be brought back with darker nights. Makes things more immersive. On that note, perhaps certain quests, mobs, etc that are only up during the night or day. IE maybe the forest is more dangerous at night, blah blah

  • Player interaction and community should have more value. Games like WoW or SWG back in the day didn’t need to be just “log in for timegated daily and log off”. People created their own fun and events, etc because 1. They were fun and 2. It had purpose. I would revisit things like open world pvp zones with node control, more quest chains that are made to be done as a group. Professions could be made to be more interactive. Hell, let people have a “barber” profession or something.

  • More open world content in general. PvP in open world was arguably more fun than battlegrounds. Bosses in open world could sometimes be more accessible than raids. I’d love to see open world bosses all over Azeroth that scaled with the amount of players nearby or something like that.

  • Guild halls, player housing. Basically just garrisons but expand off of it. We should have something like garrisons or a small town we can build up with a guild. Maybe let us display trophies of raid bosses or something in there. Player housing could literally just be garrisons but keep them relevant. Maybe add dummies or something so people can display armor or weapons etc.. it’s obviously not built to be as in depth as SWTOR or Wildstars housing, but it adds an element to the game.

  • If you want to make war mode a thing, make more achievements that actually reward playing in war mode and raiding another city or something.

Idk man. Just want the world to feel a little more immersive. What ideas would you have?

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