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If everyone you encounter in a raid or mythic+ is toxic, it’s probably you – returning player thoughts

wow8 - If everyone you encounter in a raid or mythic+ is toxic, it's probably you - returning player thoughts

I am a returning player of several years off and on. I never get hardcore into content and I usually only play until I hit the first patch's raid boss and quit again until the next expansion. I am NOT a high level raider, a high level mythic+ player or good player by any stretch of the imagination. I do complete at least one mythic+ 10 before I quit each time and every once in a while I complete an AOTC.

I've seen several posts here about the new/returning player experience and I will say mine has been starkly different.

My experience after returning to BFA:


Naturally, I needed some refreshers before diving into mythic+ so I queued up for a few heroic dungeons and read some very short guides for the dungeons and then dove into mythic+ dungeons with PUGs. My first couple were okay but I decide to challenge myself on some of the harder +0/+1 mythics.

Chaos. Pure chaos. People don't interrupt, ignore mechanics, and outright just pull when the tank isn't ready, just pull extra mobs that exceed the tanks capabilities, or walk into mobs. I don't mean interrupt every single cast or stun on cd, I mean ever. I don't mean the occasional pull, I mean every single time. Hitting mythic+4 with bursting and players who don't understand not to cleave down mobs after the leader repeatedly telling people how the mechanic works is just painful and not a good experience for anyone and has caused at least three group breakups in my last several this week. Some new/returning players simply do not care to understand even after multiple wipes.

As I've progressed, it has gotten considerably better. People actually pay attention to mechanics and affixes. I'm not saying things are perfect, I certainly am not even close, but it is clear what is separating the lower io players from the higher ones. They take the time to understand the content.


LFR Mode

I read the bosses in five seconds guides for Nyalotha and queue up for Nzoth. It was a mess. Multiple wipes. People not paying attention to mechanics. Heck, people not even responding to messages. In a few queues, members repeatedly die to N'zoth because they never bothered cleansing corruption. You can whisper them, you can chat with them, it doesn't matter. They don't respond and they don't change. On any given LFR, there are 1-5 people who just straight set their character to autofollow and don't do anything or solid underperform (I'm talking 4k dps on a toon that should be at least 30k) and a good 3-10 people will outright ignore adds entirely.

Normal Mode

So, I tried normal for the first time after LFR chaos, fully expecting the experience to be similar to LFR. I was completely wrong. Boss clears the first time, every time. Sure, there were a few deaths here and there, but overall it was a completely different experience than LFR. The DPS wasn't much better, nor the heals. People simply …. cared and paid attention.


My assessment of the problem:

I think that most people who are new or are returning are experiencing these issues because they aren't bothering to invest the time or effort to actually understand what to do or what is important.

While not relegated to newcomers, DPSers tend to magnify the problems by simply trying to crank out as much dps as possible.

Fundamentally, I think most of these issues relate back to a lack of regard for other peoples' time and effort.

LFR is a different animal because of the lack of agency provided, but I think the problems here generally apply there as well.

Fixing the issue:

  1. Be a good citizen of the content you are engaging in by understanding what you are supposed to do. Many people only have time for one dungeon or raid in a given day. It is incredibly frustrating for people who are time-restricted to have their one shot at engaging in content throttled by someone who couldn' t bother to spend the 2 minutes reading a dungeon guide. Heck, most people can get by simply by reading the dungeon mechanics for your class provided in-game. Understand that mythic+ and raids are end game content.
  2. Show up prepared. Several times, people clearly weren't prepared whether it be changing talents, crafting, or fixing computer issues. No one wants to sit around for 10 minutes because you have things to do. Bio breaks, the doorbell ringing, etc. people usually understand.
  3. Make life easier for your group, party, or raid. If given a choice of maintaining/increasing your dps or doing a mechanic, for the love of god do the mechanic. This also applies to adds. If you're not the tank, don't pull and watch where you stand. Use your interrupts, stuns, positioning to help. If you want the tank to speed up, tell them.
  4. I know some people will disagree with me here, but the people monitoring the DPS meters should probably be monitoring 1. Damage Taken 2. Interrupts and 3. % Damage done to boss adds.
  5. Find a mentor. Look here, Discord, your guild, good groups you had, or just other content. Find someone.
  6. Understand that most people are just looking to complete a task and that if they are frustrated with you it is probably because you didn't behave in a manner consistent with their expectations.
  7. Communicate. If you're not understanding something or need help, speak up. 90% of the people I've met in this game would rather explain something than wipe.

TLDR; I'm not excusing toxicity in the game, but reflect on the notion that your own actions might be the cause of it in some cases.

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