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If there was any point at which a timeskip should have taken place, it should have been between Legion and BfA

wow9 - If there was any point at which a timeskip should have taken place, it should have been between Legion and BfA

So much of BfA's lore and plot arcs steamroll what Legion had set up, and it's only now that I realize that creating a simple timeskip of 5-10 years would have ameliorated a lot of the issues the story currently faces:

• First and foremost, the faction conflict would have been given so much more time to develop. It wouldn't be going immediately from united class orders to relentless hostility. Sargeras's sword would awaken the presence of azerite, which would make both the Alliance and Horde paranoid, leading to a build-up of tension between the two. This would take the form of minor skirmishes, accusations of dubious reliability from both sides, and a general race to understand and utilize the powers of azerite. The burning of Teldrassil wouldn't be some spontaneous, nihilistic decision in order to "kill hope." It would be a final resort after years and years of tedious conflict and a lack of amity.

• Allied races (at least those of the Legion variety) would feel much more reasonably-grounded in their faction. For instance, regarding the nightborne in particular, you could say hostilities between them and the night elves only worsened after Legion, and they began fighting with one another in greater and greater amounts up until the Blood War. It wouldn't feel like they went straight from neutral to Horde loyalists in the blink of an eye given the proper development (and I mean more than just some brief flavor text from a few important figures). Void elves could emerge over a few years as a direct result of Alleria returning to Azeroth, and other high elves / blood elves attempting to follow in her path. You could also say that after years spent monitoring Azeroth from orbit, the lightforged draenei ran out of argunite fuel (or whatever it's powered by) for the Vindicaar, which is why it isn't being used in the slightest amidst the faction war; and perhaps that fact could even motivate the Horde to go on the offensive, now that the Alliance's most advanced piece of weaponry is no longer operational.


• Speaking of characters, a few of them would feel a lot more justified given their portrayal in BfA. Sylvanas, for one, wouldn't seem nearly as diabolical as Blizzard is making her out to be nowadays, and would feel more like a brutally-effective pragmatist leader than a tyrannical villain who invokes in-fighting. Maybe at the start of things, she could try peace in spite of past hostilities, but a number of events and situations could lead to those efforts being foiled, and she resigns to war with the Alliance for those reasons. Anduin would also feel less like he just got handed the crown and is immediately kicking ass and taking names. A few years as king would give him the time to develop as a fully-fledged leader, and perhaps grant him a lot more justified competence in certain situations (you know, invading the Undercity with the use of both gasmasks and gunships, and not walking blindly into obvious traps, for instance).

Ultimately, an expansion themed around the faction war would have come across as much more appealing to me if it hadn't have come immediately off the back of the expansion praising unity and cooperation between the Alliance and Horde.

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