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I’m A Disabled Player Returning to Find I’m Suspended, Not Sure Why, Frustrated.

wow4 - I'm A Disabled Player Returning to Find I'm Suspended, Not Sure Why, Frustrated.

EDIT: Issue was resolved, thanks everyone.

I was suspended, and I'm not really sure why. I'm not sure what I'm gonna get out of this, But I feel like I need to state my frustration with blizzard support. Also, why I'm confused by the suspension. you don't have to believe me, but it doesn't matter. I don't think its gonna be fixed. (The disabled part becomes relevant further down the post, if you're wondering.)

(sorry long post ahead)

Anyway I had just been trying to get back into WOW after like a year of not playing. so I installed the game downloaded some addons from the twitch client (which I think is fine?) and was playing. One more thing, during my hiatus from WOW i had a life threatening event and went to the hospital for a month or so. for some reason I lost a lot of mobility in my right arm/hand (my dominant hand). So, basically I've spent a lot of time learning to play games with my left hand only, and surprisingly WOW is a game that you can do this with. So with a razer mouse (lancehead) and some addons like Opie I had managed to figure out a pretty competent setup. I spent a few days on and off idling in the starting zone fiddling with my controls/setup. I got it all set and ready to go, and went to bed to start leveling in the morning.

When I went to play I found that my account had been suspended for six months due to botting or using third party software. needless to say I was shocked and Immediately thought it was a mistake. I've been playing games for years and have never once used cheats in a multiplayer game. Im disabled beyond just my recent arm injury, the list of games i can play effectively is shrinking all the time and i would not jeopardize being able to play one by cheating. I thought that must mean my account was compromised, so I went to customer support, appealed the penalty, and waited for a response.

The response said there was no compromise in the account and that I was using bots or third party software to break the TOS. needless to say I was dumbfounded, i had no idea what they were talking about. The only things i had running with WOW was my razer mouse, an on screen keyboard called hot virtual keyboard, and the addons i downloaded through the twitch client. Also, if this was detected months ago and only now i got the ban, that doesn't make sense, since i was in the hospital and haven't played wow in like a year. i looked up all the addons, the keyboard, and the mouse to see if people were banned using them, everything seemed like it should be fine. I learned about the one button = one action thing, both the keyboard and mouse have macro functions, but i don't use them.


Now In order to play some games I have needed to use some software to make it easier to play. things like autohotkey, Joytokey, virtual Joystick, xmouse, the steam controller software, a ps4 navigation controller driver. but i only use these for single-player games, except the ps4 nav controller which i just use to put wasd on the stick, so i could play Overwatch. BTW I haven't been banned in Overwatch but my setup has not changed. I don't use the nav controller now cause of hand injury. But none of these programs were running while i played WOW, and i don't even know if they have automation functions, if they do, i don't use them. I don't think blizzard can ban me for just having these on my computer. can they? basically i use software to make playing games easier, but I've never automated any part of a game. I'm at a complete loss as to why I was Suspended.

I contacted blizzard support again,, this time explaining the disability stuff, and I was hoping to know exactly what software caused the suspension. But blizzard wont give out that information for some reason, which means i have no idea what i have to remove to not get suspended again. The response I received was Just more of the same, i'm not even sure they read what i wrote. They Just upheld the decision by the first support specialist.

I sent a third appeal with even more information, and asked if it could be reduced since it would be my first offense ever across all blizzard games. but they then responded saying they wont reverse or reduce the suspension and to not contact them about this issue again.

So great, now i cant play a character i spent hours leveling because I was suspended for cheating I didn't do. there's no way for me to prove it was a mistake, and I don't even know what third party program I was supposedly using to break the TOS. Like I said,I'm not sure what I'm looking for and I'm sure some wont believe me. But I found the whole experience with blizzard support to be demeaning and frustrating. It felt like they didn't care and the appeals process feels like a joke. Its one of the games i can play on a list of games that's shrinking every day, so i made a new starter account and have been playing that, starting from scratch, hopefully i don't get banned.

Anyway, thanks for reading my long ass post. I Just wish I could fix this somehow.

EDIT: got message back from Araxom, looks like its getting overturned. Thanks everyone for the help, and I'm relieved its resolved. .

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