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I’m so lonely.

wow1 - I'm so lonely.

I rejoined WoW about 2 months ago, and I'm ready to quit again.

I just can’t bear to play this game like a single player anymore.

There’s no conversations going on in general chat, just people selling runs. I joined a large guild, but no one talks. Obviously when running LFD or LFR it’s a shock to the system if anyone says hi.

I tried running some legacy raids with people, but they just run in, kill the boss, complain that they didn’t get the mount and then leave. Last time I asked if we were doing a full run, and I got a barrage of sarcastic abuse – “did you even READ the title”, which was something like ‘FJDfd DOG RUN AR/H/A/4/?’ which makes absolutely no sense to me because I don’t understand the acronyms. I've craeted groups for world bosses/group quests, and when someone joins I say "hi, on my way 10 secs" and hop a flightpath to take the 10 second journey over to that part of the map – but because I'm not immediately there, they leave 5 seconds in without saying a word.

I figured I needed a better guild, and I tried posting on the forums, looking up raiding websites, and posting in chat. But the ‘social’ guilds are just strangers being invited and then leaving not long after, where the conversation is always ‘hi’, ‘hey’, ‘hey’, and not much more. I want to get into raiding but everyone is doing latest patch mythic or heroic – I’m trying to pick up every piece of gear I can get solo and by queing, but I’m not geared enough for anyone and I don’t know the raids. I’d love to join a casual raiding group still doing normal raids from previous patches, mythic dungeons and such, but they don’t seem to exist!

In the last 2 months I met one person who I had a chat with while out in the world, but they were on a different server. So, after they left the area they were gone forever.


I’ve dipped into each expansion to quest and see the story, but I haven’t played end game since WOTLK. I miss the days of Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK when I had so many friends, when general chats were full of conversation, when running a dungeon meant actually socialising with people for a good hour and a half, there were entry-level raiding guilds and people were always pugging early raids even when the last patch was out.

It feels so lonely and empty. Even though I see players around me, they all feel like ghosts.

It’s the same on low pop and high pop servers – I have characters on both.

I quit for the first time in early-Cata once my guild disbanded, my real life friends left and LFD ruined the social aspect of dungeon running. I always come back for each expansion but I ALWAYS leave after reaching the level cap because the game just gets far too lonely and it just makes me sad to play. I tried to get my real life friends into the game but they were not interested – it’s an “old game”, “bad graphics”, “too complicated”.

I’d really like to get back into this game and enjoy it again but I just can’t without the social aspect. In the past I gave up easily and went to something else after a month or two, but now I'm really trying to get back into the game.

Will it get better in Shadowlands? Is the launch of a new expansion the best time to make friends? Do new guilds open up? I haven’t been here for a launch of an expansion since Cata so maybe that’s my problem.

I thought about playing classic and started levelling, but I missed the launch boom and I dont want to invest my time into it now just to realise 100's of hours in that my server has died.

I just want to play with some interesting people, preferably my age or around that. I didn't think with such a massively popular and famous MMO that it would be this difficult.

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