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I’m Unsubbing… from r/wow

wow1 - I'm Unsubbing... from r/wow

Not the game. The subreddit. The community right now is probably playing a larger role in my lack of enjoyment for WoW than the Blizzard/Activision nonsense is as a whole.

I fully agree that there are some serious problems unfolding within the company itself, and that we're getting the shit end of the stick as a playerbase. I get that.

The game is not in its best state (but it's also not in its worst state by ANY means at all.) The content we saw coming for 8.2 previewed at Blizzcon looks amazing, and the changes to Azerite that Ion talked about last week are also a great sounding solution.

It's extremely disheartening to log on to a community forum like this every day and be bombarded with these nonsensical doomsday-like threads about the fall of the empire that was once Blizzard. And how the Blizzard we know and love is dead and gone. Frankly, I don't think my emotional connection to these problems would be nearly as inflated had I not been exposed to so much anger and frustration on outlets like these.

I'm not enjoying the game as much as I'd like to right now, I think that's generally a unanimous sentiment among us. But I don't want to feed into a community that takes LITERALLY every single thing that happens as another sign that the sky is falling.


  • Someone experiences an odd bug with their weekly M+ chest? "GAME POLISH ABSOLUTELY ABANDONED!!!"

  • Raid has a delayed release date like literally every other fu*king raid in the history of the game? "TIMEGATING TO MAXIMIZE PROFIT FROM SUBSCRIPTIONS!!!!"

Enough. It's ridiculous. This hivemind stuff is exhausting. Voice your concerns, yes, but this rallying behind the mob for the sake of playing into the drama of the problem is pathetic. If you're not having fun, vote with your subscription and take a break. But if you're like me and want to maybe try and get the most out of the game we currently have, maybe just take a break from this community.

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This community is going to kill WoW faster than Activision ever could, simply because of how much misinformation and anger is being spread like a fu*king virus.

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