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[Insert Frustration] – Mats/998,838G Stolen

wow10 - [Insert Frustration] - Mats/998,838G Stolen

TLDR – GM/Officer raided guild bank and took 998,838G+Various Pots/Flasks/Feasts. I now assume they both server transferred as well. We are/were a progression guild so this hits the guild hard.

Insert Frustration. Okay, y'all… Last night I was casually talking in the guild Discord and then bam, booted. At first, I was like, "okay, maybe I just got disconnected." so I eagerly opened up Discord again to try to reconnect to the server… and as I'm doing this I notice the server was deleted. Okay, so, what is going on? I'm a guild Officer, surely something is happening… 20 minutes later, buddy invites me to his Discord so we can start talking and he too was booted from the Discord server. Alright, so, something is up… something is definitely up with the Discord server. I'm still in-game wandering around Oribos as every boy does at 0230 questioning life decisions when all of a sudden the GM makes someone else the Guild Master and quits the guild. He then proceeds to log into every alt and drop the guild. 40 minutes later another officer leaves the guild. Alright, so, what the heck just happened?


At that point I started streaming the game and the buddy opened up the stream. He was like, hey, go check the guild bank. Cool, alright. I mount up and go to the guild bank… and the worst has happened. I was unable to muster the courage to even speak at the sight of what I saw… the Officer and previous GM raided the guild bank and took 998,838G and various raiding goods (pots, flasks, feasts). Okay, now I pretty much say, "What the eff?" The buddy shoots the GM a messaging asking him what the heck is doing on. He gets a spiel about being tired of doing things or dealing with people and he's going to take a break… and then the screenshot lands….

It was like the world collapsed in this mans hands. My buddy was instantly blocked from all contact forms with him and answers were then stopped. The confrontation was sweaty to say the least, but we all now know that something nefarious occurred and we don't have any answers…

Of course, I can't submit a ticket for it. Of course it's a trust related thing. Who the eff raids all the materials your guild worked to get, exits the guilds, probably changes servers, and just goes on with their merry way? Who the fu…. and I'm just now logging in after working through that longer than I should have to see guild responses… they're not pleasant, by the way.

If this goes against the stuff for Reddit, please do whatever you need to do. I needed to vent. I worked through this for two hours last night and got about four hours of sleep and slowly going into damage control right now…

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