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Instanced guild halls should be a thing.

wow9 - Instanced guild halls should be a thing.

I think it would be great if the WoD garrison idea was repurposed into guild halls. Give us options of where to build them like in capital cities and various places out in the wilderness. Have the ability for guilds to gain upgrades by doing guild achievements or just purchasing them. Maybe a trophy room to show off raid achievements and such. Training dummies, crafting stations, vendors, etc. Lots of possibilities. As an option to acquire it'd be cool to have to do like a 5 man guild dungeon on the site to take it from say, the defias, or twilight's hammer, etc. Whatever baddy faction happens to be prevalent in the area.

Edit: Now that I'm home from work I can elaborate further and address some concerns in the comments.

  1. City depopulation. Wouldn't happen. Blizz already has phasing in use to keep the cities as full as they are. Nothing would change except people who don't want to be there have somewhere else to go. Plus, if the business end of the city, banks, portals, auction house, etc. would stay city only then it gives people a good reason to go there still. Plus there's still lots of quest chains that require people go the the cities.

  2. comparison to the garrison isn't really relevant because the hall is meant for community not sitting by yourself. Hanging out with guildies while i craft is infinitely better than a lot of people standing around, not talking.

  3. Abandonment. definitely sounds like something blizz would do, but doesn't have to. New decorations, building materials, and trophies could be added every patch and expansion for players to continually evolve their hall. How could it get any better than a place built specifically to fit the mood of the guilds population?

  4. furnishings could also be a good addition to professions. For example; tailors make curtains, blacksmiths can make various metal furnishings, even combinations like a tailor makes the drapes and buys the curtain rod made by a blacksmith to make the final product and so on. Even add the carpentry profession for wooden furnishings.

    Class halls, covenant halls, even though there are people in them they still feel very lonely to me, even when it was the major content. You go there you train, pick up quests, do your table, then leave. Meanwhile, you've said nothing to anyone else in the there and they've said nothing to you, because everyone is just there to do business and leave. I picture guild members gathered around the training dummies giving each other pointers and critiquing each other with rotations. The GM sitting at the head of the table in the main hall calling a meeting to order. everyone gathered in the battle room going over plans for the upcoming raid.

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