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Introducing player scores: quick indicators for overall mechanical performance in raids

wow1 - Introducing player scores: quick indicators for overall mechanical performance in raids

Hi all,

For those that don't know me, I'm the creator of a raid analysis tool called
www.wipefest - Introducing player scores: quick indicators for overall mechanical performance in raids

Wipefest. Wipefest's aim is to help raid teams reach their full potential. Wipefest provides concise breakdowns of the major events in a pull, as well as a team's mechanical performance.

I've been developing Wipefest for 3 years now, and one goal I've had is to be able to calculate a score for players that rates their mechanical performance. Building such an algorithm isn't simple, and I wanted to make sure that the calculation was 100% data-driven, backed by statistics, and void of any personal opinions or bias.

A year and a half ago, I added the feature to see percentiles for mechanics. These indicate how well your team is performing compared to other kills. A couple of months ago, I added an algorithm that could work out which mechanics are more important than others for each boss (see here for a write-up I did of how that works). Building on top of these two concepts, I've now added a way to calculate a score for each player's specific performance on a mechanic, and a way to weight these by the mechanic's importance and combine them into a single number that can be used at a quick glance to indicate how well you're performing. This score takes into account damage taken, debuffs gained, interrupts, soaks, healthstones, potions, etc.

I'll likely do a write-up of some of the specifics of this algorithm, but, for now, let's see what this looks like!

On the "Players" tab of any fight summary (including analysed multi-pull reports for subscribers), there's now a collection of player cards that show these scores:

If you have your summary filtered to ignore events after a certain number of deaths, these scores will also update appropriately.

By combining this with the details in the "Mechanics" tab, you can get a pretty good idea of where improvements can be made.

Subscribers also get access to a table that breaks down performance per-player and per-mechanic:


This table lets you filter out certain mechanics. For example, if you are progressing on a new boss, you might not expect everyone to have chance to use all their potions and healthstones if they were saving them. Or, if not everyone is assigned to soak a mechanic, you might want to exclude that to be able to compare more easily:

The colors in the table indicate performance, with green being a perfect score of 100, and red being the lowest score of 0. You can hover over cells in the table to get the exact score if needed:

You'll notice that the player score features are still marked as "Beta". I'd love any feedback on these. How useful are they? Could they be displayed better?

I'd also be interested to hear if anyone has any interesting ideas on how this score could be used or what could be built on top of or around it.

  • Would it be helpful to show these on character pages so that you can see a player's score for every boss alongside their Warcraft Logs percentiles?
  • What about a guild view that shows the scores for each boss for every player in your guild?

And, just like damage and healing percentiles, take this score with a pinch of salt! It exists as an indicator and to help direct where your next investigations might want to be. Your tactics, assignments, and certain class abilities might all have an impact on what a player's score could be, so keep those in mind when evaluating!

If you want to chat with the Wipefest community – feel free to join our Discord server!

Thanks everyone!

– Yax

P.S. As always, I really appreciate any support I get through Patreon. I just want to point out that Patreon charges on the day you subscribe, and at the start of every month after. So, if you subscribe today (the 29th of March), you'd get charged $3 now and $3 at the start of April. If you're thinking of subscribing and you're cool with that, awesome (and thank you)! If not, feel free to wait a few days if you want to save some money. And of course, absolutely no obligation to subscribe at all! I just hope you find Wipefest useful!

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