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Ironhoof Destroyer (Mythic Blackhand Mount) drop rate is broken in BfA, and the GMs don’t care

wow4 - Ironhoof Destroyer (Mythic Blackhand Mount) drop rate is broken in BfA, and the GMs don't care

All old-tier final boss raid mounts were always believed to be 1% drop chance, and generally it felt about right. Sometimes you get more lucky, sometimes you get less lucky. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case with the Blackhand mount.

Many people are noticing it takes an unusually large amount of tries to get it, as evidenced by the wowhead page (sort by newest comment: ) and also apparently by the achievement hunting discord (though I'm not there myself so I can't say for sure).

Those of you, who like me, farmed most of the old raid mounts solo, pretty much know what you can expect. Sub 50 attempts you are very lucky, around 100 you're okay, sub between 100 and 200 you are still satisfied, around 300 it's probably your worst luck for 1% drop mounts, and 300+ attempts are incredibly rare but sometimes happen. Now for Iroonhoof Destroyer, lots of people are reporting numbers around 500+, 600+, or even 700+ attempts. These are crazy numbers, that should almost never happen for something that has a 1% chance to drop. Sure, a couple unlucky players are natural to appear, but if all you read are those kinds of statistics, something is definitely wrong. Myself I am at 496, which is already crazily impossible, but commenters on wowhead reported many hundreds more than that.


Some of us tried to put in a ticket because of that. Me and some other players included, which I found out from the wowhead comments. The universal answer is the "f you" answer, that just because something is 1% doesn't mean it will drop right away, or a sob story how a specific GM farmed Al'ar in TBC for 2 years and never got it. Or in other words, they're completely useless.

Mount farmers are pretty under-represented on-line, even though there's plenty of them in the game itself. I personally see hundreds of people farming the world bosses from MOP still these days, for example. Maybe it's because many of them are not so up-in-arms about the game, and as a result can't fight for their rights. Still, there's clearly an issue that's not going away by itself. I'm grasping at straws here, trying to fish for some ideas on how to report this issue to Blizzard so that they actually listen.

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tldr: mythic blackhound mount drop rate is broken and requires multiple times more attempts than mathematically possible for 1% chance, gm ignore the issue and give bullshit responses, what do?

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