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Is the reset at the beginning of every new expansion the wrong approach?

wow1 - Is the reset at the beginning of every new expansion the wrong approach?

A lot of people are unhappy with the current state of WoW at the moment, not because of world design and dungeon/raid mechanics, but specifically because of the game mechanics added to the game with BFA, replacing a much better system with artifact weapons and class specific legendaries.

Thinking about MMORPG in general, a long ongoing time commitment and dedication to your character comes to mind first.
When I talk with people that have experiences in other MMOs about World of Warcraft and its 15 years life span, very often, the first reaction you can see in their eyes is that of a Guy standing in front of a huge mountain.
They can't imagine how long it would take for them, to reach the same advantages a person has, that played the game since launch.
Of course, I comfort them with the statement, that leveling is vastly accelerated until the level requirement of the new expansion and that you can start with one character already having that level.
No matter if you stopped playing wow two addons ago or didn't even play wow at all, everyone starts at 0 when a new expansion launches.
This also seems to be the only solution when it comes to the pvp balancing aspect of the game.


You might say of course stupid, it's part of the game if you want to increase the maximum Level in every expansion.
Higher Level means, higher ilvl, better items and thus replacing your old gear your farmed so hard for it.
However, what looks like a huge advantage when it comes to a steady growth of the player base, also seems to be the biggest weakness current wow has, when it comes to dedication to your main character and therefore dedication to playing the game in the first place.
All the time investment you made to your character regarding systems like your Garrison, your Order Hall, the artifact weapon, your Heart of Azeroth and especially your professions are also nullified and become void when the next expansion launches.

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But wouldn't it be better, to look at all the systems that are or were implemented in wow and try to keep them relevant in any meaningful way?
– Why not keep the Garrison mission table and build up on that?
– Why is your order hall not hosting your old Artifact Weapon, giving you buffs depending on your artifact level?
– Why are you not the master blacksmith on your realm that crafted the finest weapons and armor in the past and therefore is able to craft the new ones a little bit better then this lazy peon apprentice that started his job just a week ago?
– Why not start every pvp season with a new set of pvp specific gear and season specific rules, making it a much more enjoyable experience for everyone by separating pve from pvp progress?

Some old systems worked – keep them relevant – also make pvp its own thing – zug-zug!

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