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IS this normal guild behavior?

wow2 - IS this normal guild behavior?

So I am a off tank, usually just melee dps for a guild, since the GM lets his wife tank even though she is, not the best, but hey everyone has to learn.

I notice though he yells at healers to healer her through her mistakes then benches people for it. This was my first straw.

The second was the raid leader getting mad when someone didn't have a food buff, or dying by mistake, mistakes do happened, but whenever he did he would blame lag, that he didn't receive the food buff, ect.

These two were warning signs I should have noticed. Now we are almost out to the new raid, most guilds are on a break or on farm. This guy says we need 100% attendance during progression, which I have since September. I told him this week I'm going to go to visit my grandfather who isn't doing well, and he replies well your priorities….. you won't have a spot coming back next week to the new raid. btw I told him about this 3 weeks ago around christmas so he had a heads up. The best part is we are only 2/8 mythic, they come off and advertise as a "heroic" guild that is casual, but then turned and want to push mythic, which I did as well, but screaming and benching over someone making one mistake was a bit much.

I hope this isn't more so common in wow, although I feel it is. Any advice to find a guild? This guild was anti vacation, anti anything, if you missed raid you were benched, which I understand if you are always absent but i have been at all 3 raids a week since Uldir dropped . Shameful, hard to meet good people.

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