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It is an honour to serve

wow7 - It is an honour to serve

By day I am just post office cashier and shelf stocker but by night and early mornings I am world of warcraft healer extraordinaire.

I feel I am a servant in life but in-game as a healer, it is an honour my pleasure to serve, I have rules that I constantly remind myself of when playing a standard that I like to keep to.

Professional, in everything I do it should be as a professional. The things you say and your attitude in-game matter and it is portrayed through your gameplay and reflects onto those you are playing with, influence is real.

Make sure the boss dies, keep everyone alive. This is something I say to myself every 20 minutes or so. Sometimes as a healer especially in PvP you have to make game changing decisions. They make me nervous just thinking about them sometimes it is very difficult to literally watch your whole team wipe when you could have saved them.

Sometimes you might find yourself playing with someone whom you know in real life but do not like and so this could influence how you heal them, will you give them CDs if they are dying? I have in the past fallen victim to this type of selfish healing but it was a very long time ago I have come a long way since then and if I could share with you a quick story from just last night..

I que and enter a battleground already in progress, I have a rule for this – no matter what the circumstances try and turn the game around try and win. Most of the time it is surprisingly doable with fresh players comes fresh motivation different tactics the enemy team doesn't expect.

This particular BG I entered there was a pre made on my team with a healer, a good healer, just stubborn. We used to be friends, we fell out, we sometimes now see each other in the BGs. This BG she was losing something that is rare but I have my rules, I quickly analyze the BG and move to her team fight, several people are very low hp so I use some CDs top everyone up, I realize we are going to lose by 20 points or so unless something happens fast, I move to go cap a base.


Near the end me and this healer are healing within range of each other, I drop to 1% and in hindsight probably because I am simply not being healed. This is where the moral of the story comes into play I use a CD on myself which halts my hp for 6 seconds and in those 6 seconds I can see which heals I receive and from where this other healer had spent a good 15 minutes in this BG with over 30M healing, a healer who rarely loses they had been trying to win players had left and I had joined, in that last team fight where I halted my hp at 1% I was able to see in those split seconds that I was purposely not being healed, I died and the game was lost.

That healer threw their whole teams game over a pety relationship with another player on their team a relationship that was years ago.

Would you give someone a CD if they were dying if you did not like them in real life?

I rushed and risked to save her team in that BG and by the end it was clear they would not have done the same for me. I want to say it doesn't matter but it does.

I am just disappointed that such a good healer could display such a.. Selfish act. I have done the same once but that was a long time ago and I have made rules since then.

Be a professional in everything you do, there is a rule I say if I enter a game and there is someone I do not like, for the next 20 minutes you are a team.

The game matters your personal relationship with that player does not, kill the boss – keep everyone alive.

It is an honour to serve.

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