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It is easier to push to m15s on tyrannical weeks as a tank

wow6 - It is easier to push to m15s on tyrannical weeks as a tank

Been seeing lots of posts from new tanks on this subreddit this week. Perhaps the 10% buffs have created a new influx of players willing to try tanking m+. Welcome! Many resources/content claim that fortified weeks are the push weeks but i would like to convince you that this isnt the case if getting m15s (KSM) is your end goal and you don't care about pushing higher.

  1. Trash packs are so chill on non-fortified – youre not in constant danger of dying when CDs are down or if a key interrupt is missed. Kiting is rarely necessary on m15s either.
  2. Bosses arent much harder on tyr as a tank – you always do boss mechanics as a tank anyway and wouldnt leave a tank buster unbuffered even on fortified. Nothing changes for you
  3. Burden of dungeons is shifted on dps – it is mostly a dps struggle to deal with tyr, having to pump dps while actually doing mechanics. Let them do some work for once.
  4. Healers always get shafted – every affix is a healing affix so they get shafted every week. nothing changes here. I don't envy healers one bit and thank you for the work you do
  5. It is clear on the first boss if the group will make it – First bosses are usually dps races with pride and lust. if you group wipes to avoidable boss mechanics, GG go next. Most of this subreddit will try to persuade (read: virtue signal or guilt trip) you that leaving keys is toxic. Most of this subreddit play DPS and wait hours between invites. youre a tank who will be in another dungeon in 10 minutes. It's not your job to carry people who die to avoidable mechanics at 15s
  6. Tanks are scarce and even scarcer on tyrannical weeks – Most groups will take a tank who has done all dungeons a key lower even if non-meta. Go and prove your worth! On tyr weeks you dont need 5 years work experience for an entry level job.

What you have to do as a tank on tyrannical weeks:

  1. Land prides on as many bosses as possible – Have a good route which you know like the back of your hand. Practice it on lower (10+) keys on that week's affixes before attempting your 14/15
  2. Have CDs available on bosses – this should rarely be an issue as your final pre-boss trash tends to be a solo pack leading into a pride. The CD isnt really for you to survive but to give space/buffer for your healer to heal the dps during boss mechanics
  3. Know which packs your can safely double pull – The better you can do this, the more room for error your group has when doing bosses. It wont save a boss wipe, but it will help dps prioritise surviving over pumping even if it costs a slight time disadvantage.
  4. Communicate: Tell your group what you are doing, how you want certain pulls to go or if your route is slightly altered from dranos no-skip. The average tank players has 2-3x the number of keys done than the a comparable dps player with the same RIO. Hence, you cannot expect dps players to know dungeons as well as you do. Remember, youre telling the group, not asking them. you know your route works from practice and youre in charge.

Purely from doing many keys, you will eventually pug into a group where everyone just clicks and the dungeon goes smoothly. Then it's on to the next dungeon for you! You never have to step into SD again once youve done it on m15

I hope this improves your overall experience of tanking. This week is very rough for pug tanks with fortified and sanguine. Don't let this week be a measure of your worth as a tank. All the best for the push and once again, welcome to the final frontier of tanking!

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