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It is totally okay to leave M+ , sometimes.

wow5 - It is totally okay to leave M+ , sometimes.

Today I joined a what seemed to be guildgroup for a Temple of Seth +11. I join, tell them I'm on my way and during the flightpath I decide to check up on the scores just to get a feel of what I'm going into. I don't judge usually, I sometimes even "help out". ( I don't push in BFA really as I just run the 10's or 11's for my BiS Slots, as pushing ain't that rewarding as in was in Legion, where I had a 3.9 score )


All members had around 1050 score or around that, me having a lil' bit above. Fine, seems like a nice group – except one. The hunter at a 450 score.


I decide to whisper the leader as they're all from the same guild if we're boosting him. Legit question, in my opinion. I asked because I wanted to know if I will be needed to do more DPS at trash, which is somewhat insufficent in Tyrannical weeks as Affli, but thought I want to time it for him, so we get that extra item, maybe he gets lucky.


Obviously them being not native english ( they were from a french server ) they take it the wrong way. I immediately get messaged by the hunter if I got a problem – I explain again, if my question came across the wrong way, that it wasn't my intention to, I just wanted to know how to spec to be most viable for the group.


He then proceeds to tell me to fix my score, that I'm shit and what not, I do not answer and he still keeps on ranting.


By that logic, dear hunter, you're saying all of your guildmates are shit as they were around or below my score.


I get more messages on how they're smart and good players, I apologize once again, we get into Temple, everything starts off good, first boss comes.

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I'm holding my DPS for around 17k when I hear my CD's come off ( Edit: I put this part in as that never happened to me before on 10's or 11's ). I check the timer, boss is at 40% health-ish, decide to check up on Details: Second guy had 9k DPS, last one the hunter being 5k.


That's where I drew the line.

  • getting insulted for something they understood wrong
  • getting more insults altough apologizing for their misunderstanding
  • e-co*king about how good they are and then massively underperforming
  • ignoring mechanics and being toxic overall


I quit. And at that point, it is in my opinion, totally okay too.

This makes me wonder of all the posts that only get quitters: Maybe it's your fault. Maybe you're a "douche" and people leave because of that.


I seriously want somebody to let me know if they would've stayed in my position.

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