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I’ve been max level in WoW since Burning Crusade. IMO, leveling to max right now is the worst it’s been since, well, ever.

wow8 - I’ve been max level in WoW since Burning Crusade. IMO, leveling to max right now is the worst it’s been since, well, ever.

I know it’s been said before, but I think it needs reiterating. Blizz gives us these new races (by the way, gating them behind reputations is an awful decision, since people quit early and came back for them, only to see more grinding), and encourage us to level them to max for the transmog gear. Only, the rewards we get from the leveling itself are dull, minimal, and far between.

By now, I would guess that a good amount of players have leveled through the zones already, maybe more than just once too. And now Blizz pushes us to level again, but the process of leveling, like I said, is dull. Most of the fun skills are talents, and those come every FIFTEEN levels, and not even all of those are super impactful. Skills themselves are minimal as well, sometimes not getting an impactful skill for 10 levels at least.

In BC, talents were earned every level. Were some of those talents boring stat increases? Oh hell yeah. But why is that a bad thing? The steady progression is what I and many other players crave, since ya know this game is an RPG and all. Also, it gave you something to look forward to every time you dinged. But now, leveling up just means you’re one closer to starting the REAL game. I miss when leveling was actually part of the game I’m paying for.

I’ve been wanting to play a Zandalari since Cataclysm, but now? I have no desire to go through this slog. And I’m trying Hunter too, which is pretty much a new class to me since the reworks, trying new classes/specs is one of the highlights of the game for me. When I look at the spellbook I roll my eyes when i see how few spells I will learn, and how long I’ll need to level before my rotation changes at all.


You know what I think would be fun? Having both the old talent system AND the new talent system. Blizz wants their every-15-level talents? They can keep them in. But let me look forward to something every level instead of going multiple levels without any significant increase in power. I hate feeling just so stale like that, and progression is needed.

Unrelated to how the character actually plays, but gear is awful since the stat squish. Just yesterday I was taking my hunter through Stonetalon and get to the Krom Gar vendor that gives you the “rep” gear, and one bracer was just objectively better than the other. I mean come on. Leveling gear outside of heirlooms just don’t make sense numbers-wise. Gear should matter in this MMORPG while leveling and it just doesn’t. That doesn’t even mention the fact that it’s pretty much impossible to die while questing unless you try to pull the whole zone, so gear feels even more meaningless since I can’t track my relative power. That could be a symptom of the level scaling too, which to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about it in action yet.

Sorry if this wasn’t too coherent of a mini rant, I’m just sad that leveling is taking a backseat in this game. It deters veteran players from going through it again, along with pushing away newer players who like to progress in their MMO and see the fruits of their labor. I just want my feeling of achievement back.

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