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Join the Twilight’s Hammer today!

wow1 - Join the Twilight's Hammer today!

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warcraftlore - Join the Twilight's Hammer today!

Join the Twilight's Hammer today!

You may think? Why join a cult dedicated to evil that wants to destroy our world? The answer is simple: We aren't evil and we don't want to destroy the world. We've been given a bad rep by the oppressive Nauru and the neglectful titans. They claim that the void only consumes and destroys but that is not the case!

The void wishes to expand out throughout the Great Dark to share it's loving embrace with everyone! Is that evil? We don't destroy the planets we come by, we only empower them and share our love. Those who follow the void are gifted with great powers and boons, look at how Cho'gal or Azshara or Xavius was empowered. They were powerful before they came to the old gods, but after they empowered even beyond what they had been! They also don't forsake their own. Look at how
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from death itself because of her service to him! Others might've just let her die, but our masters are loyal to their followers!

You may be asking what about all the Naaru and Titans claim the Void to be like? But I ask you this: What about the Naaru and Titans themselves, are they really the good guys?

Look at the Naaru and how they're "love" is displayed. Illidan attempted to show deviation, and instead of just trying to correct him, punish him or leave him be, Xera, the Prime Naaru attempted to

to do her bidding! That sounds like oppression to me. Also take a look at what happened in AU Draenor. The light started freezing people in time, straight up killing, or even forcing them against their will all for just trying to live on their own. These actions by the Naaru's followers were aided by the presence and powers of the Naaru, so it's not just extremest followers. Is this the peace-loving and pure light that the Naaru told you they were?

Also look at the Titans. They're far from the pure and righteous beings they claim to be too. Both Sargeras and
Agrammargave into the fel in order to purge the universe of all life! What find of horrific monsters would try to destroy everything!? Even Aman'thul who is nearly omniscient due to his powers to see through time should obviously know the secrets of everything, yet he seems to be hiding everything from people? Unlike Aman'thul's secret-keeping the Old Gods openly share their prophecies and what they see form their foresight with all their followers! We also have Eonar, who while still free from Sargeras' grasp chose to
hide and do nothing for the people she so supposedly cared for and wanted to protect. Does that neglect sound like the caring and loving Titans you know? And why would all the Titans, when finally freed prefer to lock themselves away indefinitely rather than to care for the universe? Instead, in their neglectful and uncaring selfishness chose to ignore the world!

Only the Void Lords have true love for their people! They spread what knowledge of the future they may capture of glimpse of. They expand out of a will to spread their loving embrace to all the universe! They are devoted and caring for those who follow them, and are true to their word! They stand against the oppression of the light, and against the neglectfulness of the pantheon! If you are ready to embrace their love and be empowered by the void join the Twilight's Hammer today!

Simply sign an application (signing in blood is traditional and recommended, but not mandatory) and turn it in to your local recruitment office today!

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