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Kicked from normal dungeon.

wow8 - Kicked from normal dungeon.

Today when I was leveling my alt in dungeons, our dps died to the tentacle of the last boss in Plaguefall (Margrave Stradama). The guy was clearly new (or he/she doesnt even have to be) but other 3 guy mocked him because he died to that mechanic. After I used combat res on the guy, he died to that mechanic again, and group kicked the guy. It was the last boss and we were running without any problem until that moment, I couldn't understand and asked why did they kick him. And they kicked me too. I don't care about the wasted time, I can run another dungeon with another group, but what about that other guy ? what if he/she is new to the game ? It was a normal fucking dungeon we were clearing regulalry and they kicked him because he died. How is this even possible to do something like this without any consequence ? I tried to report but there is no such thing in the game.

I don't know maybe I'm over reacting but I don't believe that kicking people from a content like this shouldn't be possible. I know sometimes people deserve to be kicked but think about it, which one is worse ? having a troll in your group and won't be able to kick him but you can report him as 4 people. or getting kicked by a troll friend group and not being able to do anything about it.

This is my first post here btw. I felt weird when I had no one to go. so I tried to cry here 🙂

I'm not a native speaker but I think its enough to explain my situation.

Have a nice day.


Edit : Thank you all, it feels good to see that many people sharing similar thoughts. That was the whole purpose of the post. Some people told me that these kind of posts appears very often on reddit and told me that I shouldn't have post this. At first I felt sorry but since I read the most of the comments and I saw that most of the people relates me and suggest solutions and share their own experiences about the topic. So I don't believe that I shouln't have post this. It helped me a lot (and hopefully helps others) thanks again.

conclusion :

A person shared a link that shows blizzard's policy about vote-kicking, and blizzard protects the guys who kicked us. (they clearly state that majority has the right to kick anyone for any reason)

I didn't know that, so I think I have to change my attitude against these kind of situations, since this is the rule. I recommend you to do the same.

conclusion 2 :

Many people suggested that I could've invite the guy and pug with him. Thats actually the best solution I've seen on this comments. Thank you again.

Edit 2 : I saw a few comments about "karma farm"ing. I think thats something they do in reddit. I'm sorry if im taking your karmas, but i dont need them. you can simply ask me to give them back. and ifts not something tradable, or not something you take from other people, i dont see the point of these kind of angry comments. This post shouldn't prevent you from farming karma, you should be able to farm it freely. But please explain if im missing something, or harming your karma farms with this post. If i cause a damage by creating a post, you should consider changing your "karma" system i guess. Im not even using reddit regularly. this was my first post and i dont plan to make another.

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